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Tom Hiddleston Avengers Interview (Video)

Tom Hiddleston on Playing an "Off the Map" Villain and Being an Avengers Heartthrob

Tom Hiddleston had a breakout year in 2011 thanks to roles in Thor, War Horse, and Midnight in Paris, and he takes on a slew of superheroes as The Avengers' resident bad boy. When I recently chatted with Hiddleston, he talked about why Thor's brother Loki is so evil and how a hug could probably go a long way for him. I also got his response to being voted the hottest guy in The Avengers and having hordes of fans in his corner. His reaction is priceless, so check it out!

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It's fun to be a box of cats, someone can actually get through the sort of leather and the metal and this sort of shell. for this anger that he has, and maybe they can like give him a hug. Loki's pretty bad in Thor, but seems like really comes into his own as a villain in this movie. How much fun was that for you to play. It was great. Like he's off the map mentally, he's completely let go of normal psychological patterns. And it was great, it's great to work with all these amazing actors, it was great to continue so the evolution of the character because he's so fascinating. He is like low key as an incarnation of the darkest aspects of human nature, basically. He is just he's pride and ambition. Like, I think Mark Ruffalo has the best line about him. He's like, "Look, his mind is a box of cats." Right. Yeah. It was fun. It was fun to be a boxer cat. It seems like though it always comes back to the brotherhood between Loki and Thor. Yeah. So do you think there is a chance that Loki could ever turn to the good Yeah, I do. I don't know when but I think that will be interesting for me. That's what is interesting about the character because he is constantly kind of dancing on On this tight rope and of the light of the dark because he was born with an instinct and all of his villanies Comes from a kind of a betrayal. He just feels like the narrative of his whole life has been an appalling lie. so he's kind of heartbroken and maybe if someone can actually get through the sort of the leather and metal and the sort of shell of anger that he has, maybe they can and like, give him a hug. So when you first saw the film what were you most impressed by? Everything. Everybody else. you know. And the effect. and the humor and I just think it's breathtaking. It's a breathtaking film on so many levels. It's action, it's spectacle, it's visual, it's performance driven. It's got amazing characters and they're beautifully performed and beautifully written, and right, so, surprisingly funny. It was. I loved it. I found myself laughing, and I thought it was really funny. I have to tell you we did a poll on on Pop Sugar about who the hottest guy in this movie was? I am? And you won by a landslide. You're joking. I swear. So how do you feel about you know, the fact that you have legions out there. Oh my God, that is like news to me. Are you sure about that ? Very sure fan sites like people on Twitter, all of them rallying to vote for you. So are you ready for that? I don't know that I am. I might need to take a moment. OK! Okay.Okay.Thank you for letting me there

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BriLuvsLoki BriLuvsLoki 3 years
I love Tom Hiddleston so much! He's so hot!  
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Tom Hiddleston would be a perfect Christian Grey
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I love Hiddles!
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