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Top Ten Ladies of Summer

I recently brought you my list of the Top Ten Gentlemen I am most excited to check out on the big screen this summer, and now I'm turning my attention to my favorite ladies. And no, John Travolta simply doesn't cut it for either of the top ten lists. Honorable mentions, however, include the entire cast of Evening (Claire Danes, Toni Collette, Meryl Streep, etc.) and Leslie Mann whose pixie-voiced crassness in Knocked Up just about killed me. But I digress. On with the list of ladies...

No. 10: Jessica Biel
Jessica's summer flick, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, may not end up being my cup of tea, but there is no denying that the hyper-fit starlet is everywhere these days. Her relationship with Justin Timberlake is certainly catapulting her to A-List gossip status, but she has been getting these coveted roles without the help of anyone bringing SexyBack. Plus, it's hard not to root for a girl who could definitely beat most of our Boys of Summer in a fight.

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No. 9: Nikki Blonsky
Hollywood newcomer Nikki Blonsky is about to shake things up in Hairspray alongside John Travolta. I don't know how awesome Hairspray will be — the clip I've seen of the film so far is fun but also makes me blush and cringe — but I have to say Miss Blonsky definitely has that "je ne sais quoi" that makes her irresistible to watch.

No. 8: Keira Knightley
What Top Ten list would be complete without little bird-boned Keira Knightley and her winsome toothy grin? Even dressed as a pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End she can't hide her dainty ways. Starring opposite two of my Top Ten hunky guys, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, I have that envy-resentment thing going on towards Knightley.

No. 7: Jennifer Lopez
Ah, J.Lo. Since she's starring this summer alongside her real-life husband Marc Anthony in El Cantante, a movie about the origins of salsa music in America, I should make some kind of comment about her spicing up an already overheated summer lineup or something but... nah. The always stylish Jennifer is hot, apparently unable to learn the lesson of not co-starring with real live lovers, and in a movie this summer, so she makes the list.

No. 6: Mandy Moore
I've been a die-hard believer in Mandy Moore's comedic chops ever since seeing her in Saved! so her upcoming License to Wed could suck and I'd still go see it. Well, I'm also going to see the ever-adorable John Krasinski, so there's that. As long as it's not A Walk to Remember-depressing, I'm there.

No. 5: Michelle Pfeiffer
Starring in not one, but two summer movies (Hairspray, Stardust), Michelle Pfeiffer is once again the lady of the hour. In Hairspray she plays Velma Von Tussle, the catty, overbearing stage mother to Brittany Snow's character, Amber. In Stardust she plays a witch intent on staying young and beautiful, which is funny because she really looks young for her age. Pfeiffer is kind of getting up there but still looks like she's my age, and she seems rather spry. It's freaky.

No. 4: Angelina Jolie
Kudos to Angelina Jolie. She's saving the world, one underprivileged child at a time and she's making the important films, like A Mighty Heart which opens June 22. The reviews from Cannes, where the film premiered, have been largely positive, with most critics giving props to Jolie for her sensitive portrayal of Mariane Pearl, whose husband Daniel was brutally murdered in Pakistan in 2002. Somehow the rebellious wild child who wore a vial of Billy Bob's blood around her neck has almost seamlessly transformed into a doting mother. In my eyes, Jolie is a strong, elegant and intelligent lady.

No. 3: Isla Fisher
Like Michelle Pfeiffer, Isla has two movies coming out this summer: Wedding Daze (aka The Pleasure of Your Company) and Hot Rod. One has to do with marrying a stranger and the other deals with mountain biking. I'm hoping Hot Rod will be like that '80s movie Rad. Anyone remember that one? No? Anyway, Isla is perhaps my favorite young actress right now for how well she mixes sweet 'n goofy, and I think she might secretly be a genius. Plus, she and her fiance, Sacha Baron Cohen, are possibly expecting their first child, which is cute enough to make even me a little sentimental.

No. 2: Ellen Barkin
Ellen Barkin is one tough broad. I love watching her in movies, and since she doesn't do too many, it's a treat to see her this summer in Ocean's Thirteen. Moreover, every interview I read only further endears me to her. In this week's Entertainment Weekly, for example, she asserts, "Hollywood likes a girl who looks like men can make her cry, and I'm not that girl." How cool is she? Her tough-sassy-sexy thing got her the coveted role of being the only lady in a cast of hot men, and it got her the Number 2 spot on my list.

No. 1: Katherine Heigl
Knocked Up is an awesome movie — I'm officially saying that now (and you can read why in my review later... wait for it...). Part of its success is Judd Apatow's writing but a large part is the cast, most notably Katherine Heigl. There's just something natural and down-home about her that I find charming. I hesitate to say girl-next-door because that seems weirdly porny, but she does remind me of someone I'd want as a friend. So, I give my new friend Katherine Heigl the Number 1 spot on my Top Ten Ladies of Summer list.

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