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Trailer for ABC's Castle Starring Nathan Fillion

First Look: ABC's Castle Starring Nathan Fillion

What's that? Nathan Fillion back on my TV screen? Indeed. Fillion — most recently known by the alias of Captain Hammer — is preparing to return to TV in Castle, an ABC crime dramedy that will debut sometime later this season.

Fillion plays Nick (or possibly Rick — ABC seems unsettled on this matter) Castle, a crime writer bored with his work until a real-life murderer starts ripping off his plots for his or her crimes. Castle's quickly pulled into service by the NYPD and teamed with a detective named Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), whom he naturally a) clashes with and b) finds insanely attractive. Oh, and did I mention his ex-wife is still his book editor?

The first trailer for Castle is pretty ridiculous, with Castle acting roguish and disrespectful but atoning for his rude behavior with just a wink and nod in Beckett's direction. (Just once, I'd like to see a cop show have the female partner be the frustrating but lovable jerk.) That said . . . it's Fillion. Charisma everywhere. That's enough to make me curious to see more. Want to see what you think? Just


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