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Trailer for Happy-Go-Lucky

Movie Preview: Happy-Go-Lucky

As far as movies go, the Fall is probably going to get a little depressing. Not like "crap these movies are depressingly bad" - depressing, but more like "these movies are bleak and make me die a little inside" - depressing. That's why I feel like it's practically my duty to bring you the trailer for what will undoubtedly be a little ray of sunshine come this October: Happy-Go-Lucky.

It's a little British film that was written and directed by Mike Leigh, and while I can't seem to locate a plot from watching the trailer, I know this much is true: it lifts my spirits. Even the IMDB description of the movie makes me happy: "Poppy is a thirty-year old Primary School teacher in contemporary North London. She has great friends, a job she loves and a full life." I'm already charmed by Sally Hawkins who plays Poppy and, I dunno, this trailer just gives me the warm fuzzies inside. Which I'm pretty sure is the goal.

To check it out for yourself,



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