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Trailer for Jay McCarroll Documentary Eleven Minutes

Movie Preview: Eleven Minutes

Sure, he won the first season of Project Runway, but that doesn't mean Jay McCarroll has had it easy. As one of the first reality TV winners to be catapulted to fame, McCarroll's faced a lot of criticism about why he hasn't done more. He was a subject of a story about Bravo's struggling reality stars back in 2007, a cautionary tale about the price of sudden stardom.

A couple of years ago, Jay's post-show plight was the subject of a Bravo special, and now those same filmmakers have turned his story into a feature-length documentary, Eleven Minutes. The film is set to hit theaters Feb. 20 and traces Jay's journey to create a collection, show it at New York Fashion Week, and market it to stores.

Jay's always been better at the art side of fashion than at the business aspects (or at sucking up to people, for that matter), and so I'm curious to see how he navigates the high-end fashion world. Even if he's not your favorite Runway winner, would you check out this movie about "the constant balancing of commerce with art, fame with talent and reality TV with actual reality"? To watch the trailer, just



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