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Travel to Forks, WA, Booms Because of Twilight

Buzz In: Where Do You Want to Travel Because of a Book?

There's been a serious tourism boom in a small town on the Washington State peninsula, Forks, because the popular young adult saga Twilight is set there. The "vampire tourism," as it's called, has given the "timber town where logging's decline left a graveyard of rusting timber mills and unemployment" a bit of a renaissance, thanks to the nearly 100 Twilight fans per day who come to see the real-life city where the spooky tale takes place. Tourists can pick up vampire-related souvenirs and even eat a "Bella Burger" at a local drive-in.

Although I'm not planning a trip to Forks anytime soon (though I've been camping in the Washington State rainforest and would highly recommend it), I have always had a funny urge to visit Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West. I've also heard about some folks putting together their own adventure abroad based on Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir Eat, Pray, Love. And does anyone else recall the fate that befell a group of Da Vinci Code fans at the hands of Adam Goldberg's character in 2 Days in Paris?

I'm curious: What places that you'd like to visit have you discovered through a book? Anyone headed to Forks?


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