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"Traveler" Recap: Episode 5, "The Tells"

"Traveler" Recap: Episode 5, "The Tells"

This week's episode of "Traveler" was the most action-packed hour yet, and for the first time, I'm actually a little sad that this show will (presumably) be ending for good in just a few weeks. I've grown attached to Jay and Tyler, but this week also featured a heavy dose of Will, the reason I liked this show in the first place.

This week jumped back and forth between Jay and Tyler's story and Will's interrogation, so there was a lot going on. Here's my take on what happened:

  • So Hotel Guy shot Will with a tracking device (which his bosses later cut out of his leg, ew), and he's also been following Jay and Tyler thanks to a tracking device in the watch he gave them. He seemed most interested to know if Maya gave them anything; Jay refused to admit they had the mysterious key. I'm still not sure whose side Hotel Guy is on, but I'd be nervous about messing with him.
  • Hotel Guy also finally informed the guys that Will is not their friend. Gee, you think?

Lots more, so

  • The FBI's medical examiner finally figured out that the guy who died in the bombing wasn't Will. I was wondering what was taking them so long, but it's only actually been 54 hours since the bombing, which is a pretty good turn-around time.
  • Everybody hates Will: Jay and Tyler, Hotel Guy, and even the organization he apparently works (worked?) for. A woman named Kate interrogates him about what really happened the morning of the bombing, and we learn that the plan was for Will to activate the bomb and Jay and Tyler to die in the museum. But when he got there, someone else had already activated the bomb. Will strangled that guy with his sweatshirt, then pulled the fire alarm.
  • In the flashback, the other guy says they only needed Will "to get your friends here." Were Jay and Tyler just supposed to be framed for the bombing because there had to be someone to blame, or was there some specific reason they were picked to be the fall guys? Also, did Will really think he was being a better friend by letting them live as terrorist suspects rather than letting them die in the bombing?

  • Jay and Tyler go to Boston — they sure have gotten bold about going out in public — and learn that the key opens a locker at a historic research library. Tyler opens the drawer and discovers a stash of passports from different countries with Will's picture and various fake names (all more convincing than Will Traveler, by the way), along with a bunch of currency and a gun. Tyler bags it all up and puts it in the car.
  • Why can't I place the creepy bleached-blonde guy we see in the apartment? I'm almost positive he's been in the show before, but in what context? Was he the guy who stole the photos from Kim's bag? That actor, by the way, has to be one of the creepiest men working in Hollywood today; his blank stare gave me chills.
  • Kate is quite interested in the painting Will stole, for some reason, because it makes them vulnerable. I guess I understand that, but it's not like the FBI knows the painting is missing. Ultimately he tells her it's in the long-term parking lot at LaGuardia.
  • To get answers, Kate plays Will a recording of Maya being tortured; once he gives up the info, Kate tells Will that Maya was dead hours ago. Will somehow frees himself and stabs Kate to death with part of the chair.
  • Here's when I start to be confused: Will leaves the hotel — but it looks like the hotel was really just a sound stage? Meanwhile, the creepy bleached-blonde guy manages to escape. Then, we see a flashback of Will getting his instructions from Joseph — and is that the National Security official we've seen in previous weeks? Finally, one of the henchmen shows up at LaGuardia and opens up the trunk of the car, finding only a bomb.

Wow. What do you make of the ending? Who are all these people? And can they possibly wrap up this story in three more episodes?

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