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Do You Remember All These True Blood Deaths?

Aug 25 2014 - 1:00pm

True Blood is dead gone [1], like one of its main characters after this week's series finale. While many of the characters were allowed to ride off into the sunset [2], a great deal of this show's personalities have not been so lucky. Like the earlier deaths of Alcide [3] and Tara this season, a True Blood death is usually a bloody affair, and in case you've forgotten, we've put together a list of who's bitten the dust on the show and how. Do you remember all of these? Fair warning: the following death count is superbloody, so maybe don't read this one over lunch at your desk.

Additional reporting by Shannon Vestal


Amy, Jason's season one girlfriend, is killed by René while she and Jason are passed out on a V trip.

Adele Stackhouse (aka Gran)

Sookie and Jason's grandmother, Adele, is murdered in season one by René. Sookie finds her covered in blood in their kitchen.


After Arlene's husband, René, is outed as a serial killer named Drew Marshall who kills "fangbangers" in season one, Sookie kills him with a shovel.


Eric and Nora's maker, Godric, commits suicide by walking into the sun by his own will in season two.


Sam kills Maryann, a powerful immortal villain, after he transforms into a white bull and stabs her with his horns in season two. He then rips her heart out.


Eggs, Tara's boyfriend in season two, tries to turn himself in to Andy after he'd been possessed by Maryann. But as he holds up a knife and spooks Andy, Jason suddenly shoots and kills Eggs to "save" Andy.


Jason shoots Franklin, an evil vampire who takes Tara hostage, to save Tara from him in season three.


Eric stakes Russell's lover, Talbot, in season three as vengeance for Russell murdering his family.


When Lorena, Bill's maker, tries to kill Bill in season three, Sookie stakes her.


Bill and Eric team up to kill Nan, the American Vampire League leader, in season four, but Bill is the one to actually stake her.


After Sam's brother, Tommy, shape-shifts into Sam to confront the werewolves, they beat him senseless. He then shape-shifts back into his real self and dies after a heart-to-heart with Sam in season four.


Eric drains Sookie's faerie godmother, Claudine, while suffering amnesia in season four.


Lafayette is possessed by witch Marnie and kills his own boyfriend, Jesus, in season four.

Queen Sophie-Anne

Bill seemingly challenges former Queen Sophie-Anne to a duel, but he really sends snipers to kill her in season four.


After Debbie shoots and kills Tara, Sookie turns the gun on Debbie and kills her in season four.


After Marcus tries to kill Sam, Alcide saves the day and crushes the other werewolf's throat in season four.


After Marnie the witch loses the powerful spirit of Antonio, she is shot by the vampire SWAT team in the head in season four.


Alexander, an old vampire who just looks like he's 9 years old, defies The Authority, so leader Roman stakes him in season five.


Russell captures and stakes Roman, the Vampire Authority leader, in season five.


Vampire Authority member Molly creates the iStake, and then Bill uses it on her when she refuses to worship Lilith in season five.


The former sheriff of Bon Temps tries to kill Sookie and other supernaturals in season five, so Andy is forced to shoot and kill him.


Russell is presumed dead at the end of season three but doesn't die until Eric holds him in the sun and then stakes him in season five.


In season five, Sam shape-shifts into a fly, flies into Rosalyn's mouth, and shifts back into human form while inside her so she explodes.


After JD's leadership of the wolf pack becomes too insane, Alcide beats the other werewolf to death and becomes pack master in season five.


To save himself from the evil spirit of a woman killed during their time in Iraq, Terry kills his former friend and fellow soldier Patrick in season five.


In season five, Bill replaces Lilith's blood with silver-laced blood. Salome drinks it, and then Bill stakes her.


This one isn't technically a real death since he comes back, but it really seems like we lose Bill for a moment. When Bill ingests Lilith's blood, he "dies" and then rises as "Billith" at the end of season five.


Luna skin-walks as Steve Newlin to save her daughter, Emma, but then dies in the first episode of season six. The long-term skin-walking as a human kills her.

Andy's Faerie Daughters

Jessica kills three out of Andy's four faerie daughters when she becomes overcome with bloodlust in season six. She drains Braelyn, Charlaine, and Danika.

Governor Burrell

After Bill questions Governor Burrell about Vamp Camp, he bites off his head in season six.


Terry asks an old Army friend to kill him so he could leave his life insurance to his wife, Arlene, in season six. He'd had severe PTSD after his time in Iraq.

Steve Newlin

Eric holds Steve in the sun at the end of season six at Vamp Camp. His parting words are proclaiming his love for Jason!

Ms. Suzuki

Sarah Newlin stabs the Tru Blood businesswoman with a stiletto at the end of season six.


Nora, Eric's "sister," dies of Hep V in season six as she cries in Eric's arms.


Jason stakes ancient evil vampire Warlow in season six to stop him from terrorizing his sister, Sookie.


Tara meets the true death in the season-seven premiere after fighting with a Hep V-infected vampire. She explodes off screen and is seen as a pile of goo in her mother's arms.

Mrs. Fortenberry

Mrs. Fortenberry shoots Jessica, so Violet retaliates and rips her heart out in season seven.


Alcide is killed in season seven after trying to save Sookie. He is shot by a group of antisupernatural people in Bon Temps.


Jason's vengeful ex redefines the woman-scorned thing when she goes after him, Jessica, and Holly and Andy's kids. But before she can do all the depraved things she threatens, Hoyt comes to the rescue and shoots her.

Bill Compton

Bill gets infected with Hep-V by Sookie, but even when a cure is discovered, he refuses it, hoping his death can set Sookie free. She stakes him, his hand on hers, in his coffin before exploding into vampire goo.

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