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The Only Scene From the True Blood Series Finale That Mattered

Aug 26 2014 - 1:40pm

After seven seasons, True Blood [1] finally met the true death, and while there were a lot of mixed reactions about the biggest shockers of the series finale [2], there was one scene in particular that was unanimously praised: Eric Northman, driving and bopping his head, in a car filled with dead bodies. We've already told you where all the characters end up [3] and showed you the adorable pictures of Jessica and Hoyt's impromptu wedding [4], but now it's time to pay tribute to the most important scene of them all. Just keep scrolling, and prepare for the magic of Eric.

Here's Eric, Just Cruisin' Along With a Bunch of Dead Bodies, Minding His Own Business

He's not afraid to bob his head a little.

"Why Yes, I Will Dance a Little — Hold Up, Is That the Cops? Sh*t."

Can you imagine if Eric got pulled over? "Sir, do you know how fast you were going? OH MY GOD."

"Oh, Nope, Just a Group of Puny Humans. Damn, This Song Is Great."

Never in his 1,000 years on earth has Eric heard such a catchy song.

In Conclusion, the Finale Needed About 23 More Minutes of This:

End of story. End of series. Bye, True Blood!

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