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It's Time to Reignite Your Secret Crush on True Detective's Rust Cohle

Aug 21 2014 - 3:02pm

It's been months since we got the last look at Matthew McConaughey [1] as Rust Cohle in True Detective [2], and we'll admit it, he hasn't really been on our minds lately. However, the Emmy Awards [3] are coming up on Monday, so it's time to remember all the quirks that make Rust worth getting a weird secret crush on. McConaughey is running against his costar Woody Harrelson [4] for outstanding lead actor in a drama series, and though we enjoyed watching Harrelson's Marty, there's just something so strangely attractive about Rust — not just his muscles, either.

He's a lone wolf . . . and you want to run with his pack.

Yes, he comes around to working with Marty, but he's a loner at heart. Also, check out those shoulder muscles.

His lack of respect for authority is kind of sexy.

He just DGAF.

His hair sometimes gets that perfectly disheveled look.

Do you think he uses product?

His intensity is magnetic.

Just look how hard he's thinking.

His stare can turn you into a puddle.

Such a potent moment.

He knows the power of a good b*tchslap.

He just slaps the grin right off that dude.

He makes white tank tops look damn good.

Ignore the smoking. Focus on the smokin' hot body.

He makes you think.

Should we all just disappear?

But he does not stand for deep thoughts in tense situations.

If Rust Cohle has a gun in your face, you better not be quoting 19th century German philosophers.

He knows how the universe works.

He's practically a life coach.

He has a flair for the creative.

That beer-can man belongs in a museum.

He can defend himself.

Guns are bad, but Rust Cohle does not look bad shooting one.

OK, sometimes he goes too far.

But isn't that part of his charm?

Finally, his body is just insane.

Did you even know all those muscles existed? Sigh.

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