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Best of 2011: Harry Potter vs. Twilight — Which Movie Was Better?

As we look back on some of our favorite things in 2011, let's talk about two of the most popular movies of the year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Breaking Dawn Part 1. Both were big box office hits with a huge fan following, but which film was better? BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are back to debate it out in today's episode of The Buzz. Take a look at their verdict, and then tell us which film you liked more!

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Hi, we're Shannon Vestal and Becky Kirsch from BuzzSugar. In today's episode of The Buzz we're putting two of 2011's biggest movies head to head: Harry Potter and the Deathly part two and Breaking Dawn part one. Both movies for a really big deal. It was the final Harry Potter film in the franchise and it was the next to last Twilight film. Both movies ended up doing well at the box office partially because they head to head, but there was so much anticipation surrounding both of them, crazy fans, but which movie was better? That's a really interesting question, so we're going to give it analysis and break down each of the movies. First step, which film had the sexier scene? Was it the long awaited kiss between Hermione and Harry Potter? or was it the Breaking Dawn love scene? Well this is not really a fair question. I mean sexier scene it's got to be Twilight, I mean they actually have sex and Harry Potter is like this really a quick kiss, and it's really more of an action movie than anything else. So even though I love the love story between Ron and Hermione, I got to give this one to Breaking Dawn. Yeah, and I think I got to also give it to Breaking Dawn because it's this really kind of well drawn out scene, there's this great song playing, and looking back at Harry Potter I love but they didn't really even seem to have that much chemistry in that cast. Ooh, Harry Potter fans are going to get you for that one. I know I'm sorry. Now that we talked about that kind of action, let's discuss the action scenes in the two films. Harry Potter is just battle after battle after battle leading up to Voldemort but Breaking Dawn does have that showdown between the wolf pack and the Cullens. I mean it's always going to be fun to watch a bunch of crazy wolves fighting some vampires, but the stakes are so much higher in Harry Potter, it's a battle of good versus evil. aw like it doesn't get bigger than that. Plus I think the really big battles are going to come in Breaking Dawn's final movie so this is more of just a precursor. And I loved how in Harry Potter you had all the underdogs stepping up to the plate you had Neville taking down the snake with the sword. It was just really awesome. Another thing that Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn have common is a healthy dose of emotion. Stay close to me. Always. For Harry Potter, it's the final film in the franchise and some characters die, but Breaking Dawn has this really moving wedding. As long as we both shall live. So I want to know, which film made you tear up more? Well I definitely didn't get emotional during Breaking Dawn, unless you count being emotionally bored, but during Harry Potter, I got a little misty eyed, I got really teared up during the scene when Snape is reflecting about his life. Allan Rickman just gives an amazing performance. After all this time? Always . Yeah, I mean you have to have a heart of stone if you didn't tear up during that Snape scene. And even though I had read the books, and I knew what deaths were coming, seeing them play out on the screen just killed me. Well maybe some people cried duringBreaking Dawn because they were so scared. I'm sure you've heard about this but apparently people were getting violently ill and having seizures during the birth scene in the movie. So which was more frightening, Harry Potter or Breaking Dawn? Well I definitely had goose bumps when I was in the theater at Harry Potter thinking it was dark, and it's definitly not a kid's film. The boy who lived. Come to die. But only one of these movies made me close my eyes, and it was Breaking Dawn. With Bella's pregnancy, and then the childbirth scene, everything gets really graphic and gory and I just cringed the whole time. Bella. Come on. Breaking Dawn is actually like a horror movie if you think about it. It starts off with this happy couple, they're honeymooning together, then all of a sudden she's knocked up, she's got a demon inside of her, it's killing her from the inside out. It's just gross. Becky and I both agree Breaking Dawn is sexier and a little scarier than Harry Potter, but when it comes to emotional punch and action scenes, Harry Potter definitely has it beat. So with a score of two to two, we have to break the tie. So I think with have to say which movie we just like overall. No contest for me, this goes to Harry Potter, especially since it wasn't really trying to win the sexy and scary categories. It was just a better movie over all. I have to also say Harry Potter. I thought it was such a satisfying conclusion to the franchise and I thought the acting was really great too. So for me, Harry Potter. Tell us if you agree with our assessment and here's to a happy 2012 with even bigger movies. Thanks for watching the Buzz. Mischief managed.

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hanne555 hanne555 3 years
Harry Potter
tsk818 tsk818 3 years
i love all the movies  
tsk818 tsk818 3 years
twilight is the best
tsk818 tsk818 3 years
i watched a few of harry potter movie they were good but twlight is the best
Faith2271314 Faith2271314 4 years
I think Breaking dawn part 1 is the best!
1335314 1335314 4 years
Tara-Block Tara-Block 4 years
Harry Potter no question!
linoy linoy 4 years
weasley weasley 4 years
Harry Potter !
sayhk sayhk 4 years
Harry Potter of course!
1245013 1245013 4 years
-Lora- -Lora- 4 years
Harry Potter all the way.
ceci1980 ceci1980 4 years
no way breaking dawn was better!!!!!!!!! way better!
AlexAPJ AlexAPJ 4 years
Harry Potter without a doubt! The question about who's sexier is not fair! HP is not ment to be sexy, the Romione kiss wasn't "sexy", but it was a gentle, sweet and innocent kiss. It's like comparing an action movie and a romance movie and say " who has more action?" It's stupid! And wtf? Twilight scarier than HP? Breaking dawn has only one scene that can be scary for someone, that is the birthing scene, but Deathly Hallows part 2 had lots of scary moments,like the scenes with Nagini and the scene when Voldemort walks in the pool of blood in the Gringott, and in the previous movies, the scene of Hermione being tortured, the scene of Harry and Hermione in Godric's Hollow, the scene with the Inferi... I almost covered my eyes during these scenes, and i rarely get scared by watching a movie! The birthing scene is a joke compared to those scenes! Harry Potter beats Twilight in every aspect!
1335314 1335314 4 years
momo123 momo123 4 years
Harry Potter without a doubt! i like twilight series too..but Harry Potter belongs to different more amazing league!
Ellen17 Ellen17 4 years
noonehere noonehere 4 years
Really surprised with the comparison. Twilight is just terrible. Definitely Harry Potter.
yayoknay yayoknay 4 years
That's like comparing Gladiator to the Hannah Montana Movie. The last Harry Potter movie is Oscar worthy and Breaking Dawn is straight to DVD worthy. Read more here:
Tara-Block Tara-Block 4 years
Harry Potter no question!
athanor007 athanor007 4 years
I have to agree with everyone else who said there's no comparison between Twilight and Harry Potter, they have almost nothing in common. It's not like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek. Granted, BD was sexier, because there was nothing sexy in DH2, although if you included DH1 I'd give points to the Horcrux illusion of Harry and Hermione. The other comparison points that Becky and Shannon mention should go to HP all the way. I'll see your Stephen King quote and raise you this one. "When the love of Hermione's life left her, she continued to search for the keys to destroying the world's most powerful dark wizard. When the love of Bella's life left her, she curled up in the fetal position, went numb for months, and then jumped off a cliff."
linoy linoy 4 years
planetkate planetkate 4 years
Harry, for sure. Twilight is a guilty pleasure...something to make me feel 17 again, but HP deals with some of the fundamentals in life. Much more meaningful (and better on the big screen).
blueyeblacktear blueyeblacktear 4 years
When I saw the headline, Just the thought that they would choose Twilight over HP got me all riled up. Thankfully they made the right choice. Although I like Twilight, imho it doesn't hold a candle to Harry.
piny piny 4 years
me gustan mucho los 2 pero estavez parece q twiling
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