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The 16 Types of Game of Thrones Fans

May 10 2016 - 7:00am

Season six of Game of Thrones is in full swing, and we are haning on every last detail. While some people watch the show for the eye candy [1] and others can't get enough of the shocking moments [2], everyone has their reason for watching it — or not. Take a look at 16 types of Game of Thrones fans.

The Deeply, Deeply Confused

They can't follow anything. Not one thing. "Who's that?" "Where are they going?" "Did he die?" So. Many. Questions. (And So. Many. Pauses.)

The Book Snob

They read the book way before the series started, and they regularly chime in with, "In the book, it's like this." It's as if they have George R. R. Martin on speed dial.

The Freaked-Out Fast-Forwarder

At least once per episode, they yell, "Ewwww, ohmygod, nooooo!" They hate violence and if they aren't busy fast-forwarding through every battle scene, they're covering their eyes.

The Spoiler-Averse

Why, why, why does this fan refuse to watch in real time? Why do they DVR episodes and get angry when you're rehashing that crazy death two weeks later? Seriously, if you tell them what will happen, they will cut you.

The Spoiler-Obsessed

There isn't an article they haven't read about next season, and it takes everything in their power not to shout out: "GUESS WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN?!" They were so, so excited ahead of the Red Wedding.

The Angry Shusher

Sit down and shut up, or you will most definitely be kicked out of the viewing party.

The Delayed Binge-Watcher

Four seasons into the show, they decided to finally start watching it, and they finished the whole series in two weeks. Now they're the biggest fan and feel absolutely giddy over the thought of weighing in on recaps IN REAL TIME!

The Debbie Downer

"He's going to die . . . she's going to die . . . they're all going to die!" This fan has been on a downward spiral ever since Ned Stark was beheaded. They're an emotional wreck, and they're pretty sure the show has blackened their heart forever.

The Swooning Fangirl

"Jon Snow is sooooo cute!" "OMG, how hot is Jaime when he's clean?!" "Is it weird that I kind of have a thing for Littlefinger?" This fan has a crush on literally everyone, and ohmygod don't get them started when there's a butt shot.

Source: Screen Gems [3]

The Drinking-Game Captain

They bring a whole lot of booze to each and every viewing party, and they insist that you drink every time there's a kiss, a death, or a "Hodor!"

The Drama Queen

Yes, it's an exciting show, but you'd think this fan actually lived in Westeros. They jump, they shout, they cry, and more than once they've considered filming their reactions to become a YouTube sensation.

The Begrudging Significant Other

They really, truly couldn't care less about who's fighting who and which house hates which house and, ugh, make it stop. Their other half makes them watch it, so they consider Sunday nights the perfect time to scroll through their Facebook feed on their phone.

The Very Snack-Focused

They come for the food and miss just about every detail because they're too busy staring into their bag of popcorn. "Wait, what did he say?"

The Screening-Party Socialite

Nobody's sure if this fan even likes the show, but they'll be damned if they miss a viewing party. Food! Friends! Drinks!

The Chatty Commenter

"Love him." "Love her." "Wait, this scene is the worst." This fan wants everyone in the room to know exactly how they feel about every plotline and every single character. They aren't getting a viewing-party invite next season.

The Fake Fan

They give zero cares about Game of Thrones, but everyone else seems to be into it, so why not, right? #FOMO

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