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USA Cancels Debra Messing Series The Starter Wife

USA Breaks Up With The Starter Wife

Uh-oh, Starter Wife fans — it looks like this is the end of the road for Molly Kagen. USA has decided not to renew Debra Messing's show for a second season.

When it aired as a miniseries in the Summer of 2007, The Starter Wife was an unquestioned success, garnering 10 Emmy nominations and getting as many as 5 million viewers (though it was closer to 3 million by the end). But as a regular series this Fall, the show averaged just 2.4 million viewers, which, according to Entertainment Weekly, wasn't enough for USA to renew it. In a statement, the producers called the December finale a "satisfying conclusion" to the story.

It's a bummer for me, because I thought the show was much better as a regular series than it had been as a mini. Everything was just higher quality — the storylines were more interesting, Molly's journey of personal growth intrigued me more, and best of all, they did away with the freaking homeless man from the mini-series. Also, I was looking forward to watching Molly get to make her movie, Wife Goes On. And I'll certainly miss seeing Debra Messing on my TV each week, but I'm equally sad to say goodbye to her quirky, lovable friends: Joan and Rodney.

Tell me: Did you watch the series? Will you miss Molly? And what would you like to see Messing do next?

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