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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 12, "Sofia's Choice"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 12, "Sofia's Choice"

What is it with this show and flashbacks? This week's "Ugly Betty" goes back in time again, though luckily this time it's just one day, not four months. Daniel finds out Sofia has been using him for a story on how to get a guy to propose in 60 days, and Betty decides she can't possibly work for such a deceitful woman. Meanwhile, we briefly see a kinder, gentler Wilhelmina when Texas Ted sweeps her off her feet.

We start with Betty rushing through the hall in a TV studio, yelling that she has to speak with Daniel. Security pulls her out of the room, and amid her kicking and screaming, we catch a glimpse of Daniel and Sofia getting cozy on the set of a morning show.

Title card: "24 Hours Earlier"

Daniel brings Sofia a breakfast parfait in bed. He tells her to keep digging till she gets to the surprise in the bottom. An engagement ring? Nope, it's papaya.

As Betty gets off the elevator at MYW, a woman calls out: "You are NOT wearing that sweater vest." "You don't like it?" Betty says. "No, I don't like it," the voice says, "I love it!" Ah, Betty's home.

Wilhelmina and Ted are in bed together. Her phone keeps ringing, and he tells her to be "a little more armadillo, a little less roadrunner." Wilhelmina points out that armadillos end up dead on the highway, but she turns the phone off.

More wacky developments and lots of pictures, so

Betty's dad meets with his immigration caseworker, who's looking for something to prove his year of entry was 1977. "I think there are some ticket stubs to Saturday Night Fever somewhere in there," he snarks.

Betty attends her first MYW staff meeting, which is full of regular-looking women and a heap of food. Sofia assigns Betty to write a "fish out of water" story about working at Mode, then starts sobbing and says she's sure she's about to lose Daniel. Betty agrees to do the interview, and once Betty's gone, Sofia chuckles evilly and fixes her makeup.

Meanwhile, a blissed-out Wilhelmina walks in to Mode, smiling and wearing jeans. "Ted took me to an outlet mall," she says. "I shopped next to fat people." Betty tells Daniel she she saw Sofia crying over him earlier, so she hopes he's still planning to propose. Except this is "Ugly Betty," so nothing can go so perfectly. Betty's getting lunch when she spies Sofia with her ex-boyfriend, Hunter, who's supposedly in Europe. Sofia slips him a wad of cash before he walks into a strip club called Boylesque. Betty tells Christina, who proposes they investigate, mostly because she wants to go to the strip club. Meanwhile, Daniel takes Sofia to dinner with his parents.

Betty and Christina to go Boylesque, where Betty asks Hunter if he's ever posed as someone's boyfriend, and he says it happens all the time. "Is that what you did for Sofia Reyes?" "Is she already giving me recommendations?" Hunter asks. Betty frantically calls Daniel, who tells her he's just proposed. Meanwhile, Ted breaks up with Wilhelmina, bringing the old ruthless Willi back.

The next morning, the other MYW assistants show off a mock-up of the magazine cover, which has a picture of Daniel and Sofia with the headline "From Fling to Bling in 60 Days." After a hilarious action sequence involving bean-bag chairs, Betty snatches it away and takes off for the TV studio.

During the TV interview, Sofia pulls out the magazine and reveals that she knows how to get a man to propose in 60 days: "If it'll work for me with Daniel Meade, it will
work for any woman out there." Daniel protests that they fell in love, and Sofia says no, only he fell in love. Bradford says he'll fire Sofia, but Daniel says not to bother — she'll deliver the biggest launch in Meade Publications history.

Betty yells at Sofia for lying and says at least the people at Mode don't pretend to be more than they are. She quits and returns to Mode, where she learns that Daniel has disappeared.

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