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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 14, "I'm Coming Out"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 14, "I'm Coming Out"

After leaving us hanging with a rerun after the big Alexis Meade reveal, things are back in full swing on this week’s "Ugly Betty," with another semi-shocking ending and a healthy dose of sisterly angst. Hilda ends up working at Mode’s Fashion Week show, forcing Betty to play out her inferiority complex in front of her coworkers. And Alexis has a little surprise for Daniel, who’s about to be presented as the new head of Meade Publications. For the dish on Thursday’s episode,

It's Fashion Week, and Betty's frantically coordinating Mode's big show. Hilda drops by Mode to make copies of her resume, and Daniel tells Betty to put her to work. Betty whines that Hilda always ends up stealing her thunder, and Hilda ends up befriending all the models and Katharine McPhee, who has a brief "Hey, there's that girl from American Idol!" cameo. Betty also figures out that Hilda never gave her the message when Henry called after the Christmas party. Henry, by the way, spends this episode looking dapper in a dorky purple sweater.

Wilhelmina's having a crisis of her own, having taken some bad advice about the miraculous effects of having a duck “quack off” on her face. Her eyes swell up, she looks like hamburger, and she can’t navigate Fashion Week without Marc, whom she calls her "seeing-eye gay." Obviously, this is not how Wilhelmina planned to make her entrance as the new grand dame of Mode. It also screws things up for Marc, who has a side deal finding and selling the "it" item of Fashion Week to Eternal 18 (heh) so they can make a knockoff. He enlists Amanda in the caper, and they zero in on a fur miniskirt; to get it, Marc has to hit on the model. "If this is anything like my prom night," he tells Amanda, "you’re paying for the therapy."

We also catch up with Ignacio, whose immigration caseworker has started flirting with him. Ignacio calls up her ex, who tells Ignacio that Constance was his caseworker, too — and if Ignacio wants to, he can ride that train all the way to legal status.

Alexis shows up at Mode's show, and Daniel's inability to stay away from anything hot in a dress draws him to her. They flirt, of course, and Alexis says she used to date Daniel’s older brother. (except she IS Daniel’s older brother. Ew.) She tells him she has a secret that we don’t hear, but we get the idea when she orders him to look into her eyes "because that’s the one thing they couldn’t change." She reveals an old tattoo, and Daniel realizes he really is dealing with his own brother-turned-sister. Alexis explains she always felt she was trapped in the wrong body, and Daniel says she has no idea what she put the family through. Even though Mode’s show is about to start, Daniel runs outside, where he ends up getting drunk and making out with Hilda. Betty gets even angrier when she discovers that, and they have a brief sister-on-sister throwdown.

Wilhelmina plants Alexis as the last model in Christina's show, and when Bradford starts making his announcement about Daniel taking over Mode, Alexis snatches the microphone away. "Hi, Daddy," she says. "You can call me Alexis." Several police officers jump on stage and arrest Bradford for the murder of Fey Sommers, and the coup is officially on. Daniel leans over to Betty and asks, "Is it fun having a sister?"

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