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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 16, "Things Fall Apart"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 16, "Things Fall Apart"

So, wow. This week's episode of Ugly Betty is filled with intrigue, mystery, work dilemmas for Betty and Marc, and even love! It's also awfully intense and pretty sad by the end.

It's a decent followup to last week's amazing runway birth (I mean, it's not like anything was going to top that). It's especially dramatic where the Daniel/Molly and Willi/Connor relationships are concerned, because I've been feeling for a while now that they need to be more than just lovey-dovey . All in all, it's a satisfying hour of TV. So let's talk about it! Just


  • Daniel's feeling under the weather, so he checks himself into a luxury hotel to watch cartoons like any publishing scion would do. He also goes on and on about how he thinks he's dying, which I immediately took to be sad foreshadowing of what was to come with Molly.
  • More foreshadowing: Connor rocking the baby and talking to Wilhelmina about running away together as a family to a tropical location.
  • I love how much YETI there is these days, and Bernadette Peters is cracking me up. She informs her class that Tina Brown would not be the special presenter because the night before, drinks may have been had and "somebody's husband may or may not have grabbed someone's boob."
  • Instead the class gets an accounting and budget homework. Uh, woohoo! Marc and Betty don't really understand numbers but "Sports Guy" Matt chimes in that he has an MBA. And half a law degree!
  • So Matt totally hits on Betty in front of Marc, which is hysterical. I love when Marc chimes in with "Smooth!" after Matt asks Betty out with a line about grabbing drinks and talking budgets. Sexy!
  • Also, later, Marc uses some dog-show metaphor about how Matt's a dog and Betty's a chihuahua and they're going to mate or something.
  • Betty's just now getting into Facebook — is she 80 years old? Anyway, she finds out that Henry has a new girlfriend and can't decide whether to be his Facebook friend or not. Seriously, she talks about Facebook the way my great-aunt would.
  • Poor Matt — Betty spends the whole night on their little date talking about Henry. But he still likes her afterward, even when she ditches him with the bill.
  • Maybe he likes her because of her great Eve impression. And how funny is Matt's Wall-E? Aw.
  • In nonromantic news, Betty spots a big discrepancy in the Mode budget (millions of dollars are missing) and from there the show speeds up into shady territory.
  • All signs eventually point to Connor, who is stealing money from the company. After a super-creepy elevator showdown with Connor, Betty tells Daniel and they try to figure out what to do (Daniel: "I've never been embezzled from before!")
  • And then Willi gets involved and everyone thinks she's stealing too (even Marc!), but she chooses good over evil (or in her words, career over love) by calling the cops — and still, Connor manages to avoid the law.
  • So everyone is super depressed and there's sad music in the background and Willi's told Betty yet again that so-called "career girls" can't have it all . . .
  • . . . and then we get Molly's news. Man, it's so sad and comes right when Daniel is feeling pretty low too (what with the no money and stuff). She has cancer, she's had it before, and now it's back and she needs to be with her family.

It's a bit of a bummer of an episode, but it's full of good stuff — especially with Mode plotlines being back in the spotlight where they belong. Did you find Connor's evilness jarring or expected? And do you think Betty and Matt are as cute together as I do?

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