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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 17, "Sugar Daddy"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 17, "Sugar Daddy"

This week's episode of Ugly Betty is ripped from the super-crazy-depressing recession headlines that have been ruining all of our days for months now. I guess I'm not surprised the gloomy financial news finally seeped into my Thursday night television lineup but I'm not totally happy about it.

Thankfully, there was also a story woven in there about people down on their luck (surprise! The Suarez family) miraculously coming out on top, plus some smooshy relationship stuff to boot. So all in all pretty solid episode in terms of not boring me. Ready to chat about it? Just


  • First off, Betty comes out to the kitchen in all black and looks good! The family is shocked at how chic she looks, and Justin even tears up. She says she's only dressed like that because Mode is in financial ruin and Daniel's girlfriend is dying.
  • And then she turns around and there's a big, weird bow on her butt.
  • Matt and Betty are going pretty hot and heavy — he even sends her jelly beans with a heart balloon to the office! Cute or lame?
  • Wilhelmina is cranky. Connor left her, stole all the money, etc. She takes her anger out on an employee wearing gladiator sandals ("Will you be wrestling in Rome?!") and fires her.
  • Amanda has her own little subplot this week that involves her estranged parents. Marc walks up to her at the front desk yelling into the phone, "Leave me alone, you psycho!" Which she's saying to her mother. Ha!
  • Mode is in a ton of trouble, Daniel's sad because Molly is dying, and then we learn the Suarez family is being evicted unless they can raise thousands of dollars to buy the house themselves. Stressful!
  • Hilariously, the whole family chips in to start saving, including Justin, who skips school to panhandle downtown. I can't believe he was singing a song out there with the lyrics, "Money makes the world go round!"
  • How many of you caught Matt's alarmed concern for the fate of Betty's family when he was visiting during the cook-off? Between that little scene and Hilda pointing out that Matt forgetting his wallet a lot is weird, I knew Matt had a huge secret.
  • Turns out he's loaded! There are worse secrets for new boyfriends to have, lemme tell ya. He sends Betty a secret check for $10,000 and when she finds out, she gets super-mad. He says the exact wrong thing a person ought to say to their struggling girlfriend from Queens: "We throw money like this at charity all the time." Betty: "I'm not your charity."
  • But then she says sorry and they have a cute kiss at the end. Also, he's worth billions and looks more and more like Josh Groban every time I look at him.
  • The best part of the episode is Daniel and Willi's plea to Congress for a bailout from the government. They try to do the right thing and take the bus to the hearing (Willie tries to use a credit card, Daniel only has a 50 dollar bill) and blow the whole thing when they're caught by a tabloid getting wasted off a $400 bottle of wine at a fancy restaurant. Willi: "To be fair, Congressman, it was the only drinkable thing on the menu."
  • When Daniel stands up and declares he's not going to take taxpayer money because of the laid-off auto workers or something and will liquidate all of his assets to save the company and jobs, I felt it was all a tad much. Do we really need our depression-era fables this heavy-handed?
  • Finally, Marc and "Willi-mini" is pretty fun. He uses the baby to pick up a single dad but decides the dad is boring because all he talks about is his "stupid baby."

So Daniel's all in: If Mode goes bust, so does he. Betty's got a new billionaire boyfriend, Ignacio saves the family with his mole sauce, and Amanda's no longer mad at her parents. Also, Daniel is going to be there for Molly. Another sad but touching ending to this week. What did you all think?

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