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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 18, "Jump"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 18, "Jump"

The title of the Ugly Betty finale is also the title of one of my favorite Madonna songs (not on her new album, FYI), and it was used to close the episode. It's a fitting tune for this episode, since a lot of the characters were forced to take a proverbial leap of some sort last night — especially Betty.

If the Gossip Girl finale revealed too much, Ugly Betty left us with a considerable cliffhanger which actually surprised me! Overall I thought the show was really cute, as usual, and I'm sad to see it go. To check out the rest of my thoughts on last night,


  • Aw, poor 1999 Betty! I don't fully understand what that opening sequence was supposed to mean other than to show us that Betty hates sports (and, I mean, duh) and that she wasn't popular (again, duh) but it was totally heartbreaking and her teeth were really big. Also, Lindsay Lohan plays a mean girl who tormented Betty in 1999. Kinda fun but mostly "meh" as far guest appearances go.
  • Now Naomi Campbell knows how to make a guest appearance (second only to Christian Siriano)! She showed up to the annual Mode vs Elle charity softball match in the most ridiculous sporty outfit ever. But would you expect anything less from the supermodel? And there was even a cute nod to her tendency to pummel others with her cell phones. The woman has a sense of humor!
  • Back to Madonna for a second: There were a lot of tracks from her new album throughout the show. In fact, I think they were the only songs powering the episode. And we saw a picture of a baby Betty dressed up as Madonna for Halloween (thanks to Hilda).

  • I loved the scene with Gio teaching Betty to play softball. Is it just me, or does he look cuter and cuter with every episode?
  • When a little French boy shows up alone to the office, this is Amanda's response: "Do you mind if I dress you up as a doll and put makeup on you?"
  • And. . . he's Daniel's son. I feel like I should have been more surprised than I was. Then again, even Betty wasn't fazed, saying to Daniel of the Meade men, "Sorry, but you guys are just really fertile."
  • We learned too that the kid is actually not part of some sinister Wilhelmina plot, and was instead, as she put it, a gift from God. To which Marc responded, "Go God! And viva la France!"
  • Speaking of cheery statements from Marc: How long do you think the writers have been waiting to get Marc and Amanda to perform a cheer together? It was a thing of beauty.
  • So, I'm probably going to sound callous here but a lifetime with Henry in Tucson versus a romantic trip to Rome with Gio (paid for by Daniel!)? Um, seems like an easy choice to me, but I get why Betty feels torn. I guess.
  • Who do you think she's going to choose: Gio or Henry? I have a funny feeling she might choose herself and go somewhere alone (hence Madonna's lyrics when they zoomed out, "I can make it alone"). Are you sad for Daniel getting squeezed out like that? Did you find his son cute or kind of creepy? Were you sad that Hilda's new man is married (kinda?), and do you think he's sincere or going to turn out to be a sleaze? Discuss!

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