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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 22, "In the Stars"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 22, "In the Stars"

This week's episode of Ugly Betty is packed with proposals and marriage talk and even an honest-to-goodness wedding. But who's getting married? It's pretty easy to figure out — but fun to watch nonetheless.

I've often wondered how someone as ambitious as Betty could remain an assistant at Mode for so long. The crappy economy offers the writers a fairly reasonable way to keep her stagnated in her career a little while longer, and this episode fleshes that out a bit. Finally, Matt and Betty have yet another fight, making me think this romance is clearly destined for failure. Let's chat about it, just


  • Hilda has some good zingers this week. I love her line to Matt and Betty in the kitchen before work: "Please don't be one of those kiss-with-the-food-in-the-mouth couples. That's just gross!" I agree. Those couples bug.
  • Also, whoa. Hilda is totally wearing stirrup pants. Only she can pull that off.
  • Betty is excited because it's her review, but despite being "excellent" at her job, Daniel can't promote her due to a hiring freeze. Bummer for Betty. It strikes me as realistic because if Mode has a hiring freeze, basically no one in publishing is hiring, which means Betty — someone dead set on being a magazine editor — gets stuck.
  • I like Daniel's line acknowledging Betty's ambition: "I know you have bigger aspirations for yourself than booking my tan."
  • Molly sees the wedding props for Mode's bridal issue and thinks Daniel is proposing. Amanda is hilarious: "Oh no. She definitely thought you were proposing. Yikes. That is really embarrassing."
  • I'm always touched by Claire Meade, twisted though she may be. The moment when she gives Daniel her ring to give to Molly is cute.

  • Also fun? Claire and Willi trading ex-husband/dead-husband insults while yanking around a model in a neon-pink wedding gown.
  • It turns out Matt is actually super flaky when it comes to his career. I thought he was into sports writing, but whatever. His goofing around on YouTube in Amanda and Marc's apartment is awesome: "Wait, wait! We're about to watch a gopher make a dramatic face!"
  • Meanwhile, the Suarez family learns that Ignacio's lady love is looking into a nursing job in California. When he asks his family what to do, they're all, "Duh! If you like it put a ring on it!" — complete with Beyonce-inspired hand motions. Great scene.
  • When Betty freaks about not getting the planetarium, she says to Marc, "This is Adele! Not Amy Winehouse!" Marc says that's funny. I don't know if I agree.
  • Yay! Christine Baranski is back! She's always a welcome addition to an episode. This time around, it's hard to tell if she's really all that evil. She is manipulative, though, and Betty's kind of a dope for going along with her scheme and not just being honest with Matt.
  • The Molly/Daniel romance hasn't moved me all that much since it started, but I'm only human: that talk of cookware lasting the happy couple into their 50s is really heartbreaking!
  • Their wedding is way cute, too. The best part, of course, is Willi destroying planets in the background

Ignacio does the right thing, I think, by letting the one he loves go. Betty and Matt make up and he brings her Adele. Daniel and Molly have a totally adorable planetarium wedding — but then disaster strikes! I saw it coming, but still, poor Molly! What did you think of this episode?

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