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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode Four, "Betty Suarez Land"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode Four, "Betty Suarez Land"

OK, I am such a sucker for Ugly Betty, and I totally cried at the end of this week's episode. I blame a couple of things: First of all, anything related to bad things happening to Hilda breaks my heart, and of course a Suarez family hug will get the tears flowing. And Claire Meade protecting her children and Daniel and Alexis having a "moment" on a tarmac is exactly the kind of thing to finish me off.

I enjoyed the episode, and even though there wasn't as much Marc and Amanda as last week, we get the return of Gio! And he is extremely angry. Ready to chat about it? Just


  • Claire urges Daniel to visit Alexis in the slammer, and Betty's glad they're able to get along, "even if she did, you know, push my best friend down the stairs."
  • Alexis tells Daniel she's the actual father of D.J., at which point Daniel lunges across the table and tackles her. Rebecca Romijn is such a good sport, and it's hilarious to see her wrestle with the guys.
  • The way she starts the story about being D.J.'s father is funny, too: "Thirteen year ago, I was a man, obviously . . ."
  • Gio returns, but when Betty asks him about Rome, he's so mad at her! ("I hate you. You're not a nice person. Not only are you banned from Gio's Deli, you're banned from my life.")
  • Even furious, he's so cute with his passion for sandwiches. I love how he went to Italy to find his flavor!
  • The running gag of the night is about how Daniel is a wimpy fighter. Betty, after learning about his run-in with Alexis: "We've talked about that. You suck at fighting."
  • Ew! In that same scene, Daniel refuses to tell Betty all the details about the fight, and she points out that it's a funny time to have "boundaries" considering she was just looking for a mole on his back. Um, I would not search for moles without a promotion and a raise.
  • So Wilhelmina convinces the district attorney to charge Alexis with attempted murder. How? Through kinky sex, of course.
  • By the way, how'd you like Willi's awesome '80s outfit? You know, the black one with the foil green and purple flowers and the belt. Only Vanessa Williams could wear that and look hot.
  • Betty, of course, cannot leave well enough alone and has to make Gio her friend again even though she turned him down romantically. So she goes about finding his this really special cheese, which led to my favorite line of the night from Amanda: "A pair of smelly, sweaty balls arrived for you."
  • Gio's address for Betty is hilarious: 25 Teddy Bear Lane, Betty Suarez Land.
  • Betty's name for Gio's ride is pretty funny, too: "Meaty, cheesy van!"
  • Did anyone catch who played D.J.'s grandfather? Why, it was famed French chef Jacques Pépin! I only know that because of my mom.

I'm really glad Gio and Betty worked things out in the end ("You're gonna do great things, Suarez — I don't blame you for choosing yourself") but they're so darn cute together that I'm sad to see it end. Also, that neighbor musician of Betty's is waiting in the wings, and I'm just not ready for Betty to date again. Daniel saying goodbye to his son was sad, Hilda breaking up with coach was sad (but right), and Alexis leaving the show for a bit was sad. So, overall: Sad! What did you all think?

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