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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode Nine, "When Betty Met YETI"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode Nine, "When Betty Met YETI"

There were so many great and touching moments on this week's Ugly Betty, I can't wait to talk about them all. But there are also some good laughs. I mean, I know that Hilda isn't a huge part of the episode, but her anecdote about using every advantage — which includes her referring to her boobs as "the Pointer Sisters" — may have endeared me to this woman forever more.

I keep re-watching that clip and hysterically laughing ("When I have to go to the butcher shop, I put on my tightest tank top — and thank you to the Pointer Sisters right here, Abunjio, the meat man, he puts me in the front of the line. Is that fair? No. So what? Who cares. I don't care."). It's so good. Anyhoo, there are plenty of other funny and sweet moments to chat about, so


  • I know it probably will end, but I really don't want Amanda and Betty to ever stop being roommates because of things like Amanda in the bubble bath.
  • Betty's a little annoyed with her ("You have this tendency to treat me like I'm your assistant") and cites things like ringing a bell at her. Amanda explains the bell thing like this: “I got it for Halston. He’s supposed to come any time I ring it. But he’s kind of a bad doggy. Not like you, Betty. You’re a good girl.”
  • Nick Pepper returns to brag to his former Mode colleagues about being a deputy culture editor now that he's graduated from YETI (Young Editors Training Initiative ) and Betty is in awe of his success ("A magical school where assistants go to turn into editors?").
  • When Nick asks what's been goin' on at Mode, Amanda chimes in with: "Marc got engaged, but then he got dumped. Saaad."
  • Back in Queens Justin has an honest-to-goodness friend in Randy, and they love going to musicals together! That's my kind of friendship. When Randy wants to leave in the middle of Little Shop of Horrors after his other friends pressure him, Justin is appalled: "They haven’t even done 'Suddenly Seymour' yet!"
  • But later Randy caves to the pressure from his former dude-posse and publicly humiliates Justin in the schoolyard. You guys, when he gets home and is obviously crushed in front of Hilda, I teared up. Heartbreaking!
  • Marc and Betty are both applying to YETI; thus, it is on. When he finds out Betty's magazine is about fashion, his zinger is pretty hilarious: "What's it called? Clashing Fabric Digest?" Ha! And Amanda is "helpful" in her own way: "Betty, you know fashion means clothing, don't you?"
  • I love all the references in this show about what a nerdy overachiever Betty's always been. The Betty Review was so cute and funny.
  • I like how much contempt Wilhelmina has for Molly: "Look at you with your hair all up and stuff — aren't you coltish."
  • Marc's magazine turns out to be really good. He gets David Sedaris to write something for him and Badgley Mischka show up. It's definitely better in terms of presentation than Betty's. Still, he's pretty darn mean when he doesn't get in and Betty does, playing the affirmative action card.
  • But OMG, his "voicemail" to Betty is my second favorite part of the night: "Marc isn’t in right now, but if you leave your name and number he’ll never speak to you again, you odious sea cow, Betty. Beep."
  • Later Marc apologizes for being so mean to Betty and tells her he hopes she doesn't think he's racist because the hottest guys he's dated have been Latinos. Ha!

The last scene between Marc and Betty talking about how they are for the future is so heartwarming! And, as usual, Daniel pulls through for Betty and gets her into YETI (using Player!), which is also sweet. Sigh. Good episode all around, in my humble opinion. What did you guys think?

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