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"Ugly Betty" Rundown: Episode 2, "Family Affair"

"Ugly Betty" Rundown: Episode 2, "Family Affair"

After last week's end-of-episode emotional wallop, "Ugly Betty" returned to mostly light-hearted fare this week. While I did enjoy it thoroughly, I felt like it was missing something. Maybe there just wasn't enough Daniel, but luckily Wilhelmina was sassy and catty and awesome enough to carry the show.

  • Can I just say that I love everything about the Justin/Marc banter. Everything, from the bendy straws to the rice cakes to the best line of the episode, when Marc tried to comfort Justin about his father. "I just made a little person feel better about his day. I'm a good person. No, I'm a great person." Ha.

  • While I'm happy to see Hilda feeling better, I'm not happy to have back her overdone hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Ah, but then I guess she just wouldn't be herself without it.

To read what else I thought and my big worry about next week just

  • I know I'm supposed to be all excited about the return of Henry and that Christina told him that the baby might not be his, but I've just never really been all that into the Henry thing. Though I will say that his showing up at her doorstep on a "bender" with a wine cooler in hand, reassuring her that he drank milk beforehand to coat his stomach made me laugh hard.
  • Of course Fey Sommers owned a Chinese Crested Hairless. Of course. Just looked so natural in Amanda's arms, right?
  • Last I heard Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox had a kinda nasty divorce, so seeing them wrapped up in a torrid love affair on screen was a little bit strange. Do you think that was maybe a little awkward to film?
  • Afternoon Delight joke = awesome. "That's what that mean? I never understood that song until just now."

  • Everyone lying to Alexis about the past and the fact that they're one big scandal free happy family is all well and good, but they realize she's probably going to wake up and remember everything, like, tomorrow right?
  • So Betty made a deal with the devil (or, you know, Wilhelmina) in order to get her father the visa. Loved the rooftop mannequin graveyard and that Wilhelmina referred to Betty breaking into her apartment as "growing." Also, in making the deal when Willi said, "I am black, you are Mexican, lets not talk around it like a couple of dull white people."
  • So Justin is going to try and change to be more like his dad? Sad and sweet, but mostly sad. The moment he walked into that store, I recognized it as where Santos was shot and my heart dropped. Justin is such a strong little kid. But, that basketball so does not fit in with his fabulous wardrobe.

What did you think? Is Betty back in its hilarious groove? Still tugging on the heartstrings? Am I crazy for not loving Henry? How long will it take for Daniel to realize Betty is hiding something from him?

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