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Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 9, "Giving Up The Ghost"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 9, "Giving Up The Ghost"

I'm not exactly sure why there was a new episode of Ugly Betty on Thanksgiving night, but it happened and so here we are. I guess maybe they thought after last week's shocking death we just couldn't wait for two weeks to see what Wilhelmina was scheming. Overall, the episode was good, sweet, and marked the dawning of a new era at Mode. Here are my thoughts:

  • So I was totally wrong about what Willie was doing in the morgue at the end of last episode, but that mystery was totally not solved yet. What was she doing there?
  • I loved Marc trying to start whispers at Bradford's funeral. "What is she doing here? Who is she wearing? I can't believe she came!"
  • As usual Marc and Amanda were the best part, though what will happen now that they don't work together? Heartbreaking split!
  • Betty was still a little annoying, but thankfully less so than she has been for much of the season. There is never enough Christina

To read the rest of my thoughts just

  • Wilhelmina being pushed into the grave creeeeeeeped me out, though the firing was kind of awesome. Oooooooh, Medusa X! It deletes everything on all the Mode computers!
  • Hellloooooo Slater Magazine. Though, it seems she didn't have the whole thing thought out very well. And daddy doesn't want to pony up the money very quickly.
  • Uggghhhh, Betty and Henry are annoying again. Sorry, sorry. Though I did like the "we're editors" high five.
  • Gotta love Amanda's 83 drawing. And her response to being awarded the "Whats Hot" section. And her botched what's hot section — showing off her pizza delivery guy-inspired outfit. Hilarious.
  • How much do we love the drunken miserable art director? More of her! More of her!
  • While Eliza Dushku was surprisingly good at the troubled starlet, the ultimate Mode cover was pretty perfect. Issue 001. We knew he would pull it out somehow...hopefully it made those pesky advertisers happy.
  • "Where is she?" "She's right there, making omelettes"
  • Oh dear that pink tree is ugly, but sweet. I'll give it that.

So what did you think about the episode? Will Betty return to Mode or is she gone for good? Will Slater succeed? Will Mark and Amanda be reunited soon? Also, what was Willie doing in the morgue at the end of last episode?

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