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The Vampire Diaries: The Good, The Bad, (The Twilight Reference) and The Bloody

Last night's Vampire Diaries was all about the formal wear, history and, swoon, some shirtless Salvatores. The series is doing a great job of slowly revealing the back story of the vampires in Mystic Falls while also progressing the romances and of course the brother-rivalry which has taken a pretty central spot so far.

Bonnie is still figuring out her powers, without much help from her friends or anyone else, but she's quietly becoming one of my favorite parts of the show. On the other hand, I'm not sure how much I care about Elena's aunt, whose love life might be causing some trouble for the Gilbert family soon. Check out my thoughts on the show if you just


The Good:

  • I love, love, loved the scene of Damon reading Twilight — hilarious. He says that "this book has it all wrong" and laughs off Caroline's questions about his lack of sparkling in the sun.
  • Holy hotness. The Salvatore guys were all about showing off their bodies last night. No complaints here.
  • Finally Elena was a good friend and noticed that Caroline is covering up some serious wounds from Damon. Maybe Elena isn't quite clued into what's going on, but at least she's worried and the scene at the end suggests that Caroline might be ready to talk.
  • On that note, Elena is growing a backbone with Stefan. It's about time for her to demand that he be less mysterious, especially considering how much she has gone through. She deserves to have some transparency from the guy she is trusting her heart to.
  • No diary writing this week, no crows, so there's that.
  • The Bad:

  • I am getting into this show, for sure, but not quite ready to put any heart into the aunt's backstory and love life. There was a bit too much time spent on that last night. Speaking of which, am I heartless for just not being that into Jeremy's story? The end was sweet when Vicki finally came to her senses and kissed him, but still, lets get back to the Salvatore hotness.
  • As I mentioned last week — five people are found dead drained of blood out of one neck bite and the police say it's a Mountain Lion?
  • The Bloody:

  • Once again the show started with a scary scene, this time a nightmare. It seems like it's Elena's, but really it's Stefan — why is he sleeping at all? — anyway, this leads to...
  • Um, hey brothers, why so stabby? Well, at least that meant some serious six pack from Stefan and one of the best lines from Damon yet: "This is Jon Varvatos, dude. Dick."
  • The last bite of Caroline seemed pretty intense, but she didn't die thanks to Stefan who helped her out. Plus, her blood was spiked which meant Damon could finally be captured.
  • I can't imagine that Damon will stay locked up for long, but the Mystic Falls police department, mayor and news anchor know what kind of "animal" is draining residents of blood — the vampires are back. We're still piecing together what happened in the past, or what made the vampires leave for however many decades, but things are still getting more and more interesting as the plot unfolds. What did you like or not like about "Family Ties"?

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