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The Vampire Diaries Zach Roerig Comic-Con Interview (Video)

Video: Vampire Diaries Star Zach Roerig Reveals Where Season 4 Picks Up and Talks Elena

Zach Roerig of The Vampire Diaries celebrated his first Comic-Con this year by attending Saturday's panel for the show, and afterward, he stopped by Entertainment Weekly's party to chat with us about his excitement! Listen in as he talks about the conference, but more importantly, what we can expect in season four, including Matt's relationship with Elena and what the very first episode will entail.

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Our relationship has always been very close. Romantic yet the friendship has kinda been existing for so long that it's like a family relationship. And now I'm asking if you're feeling of course guilt, but also Elena choosing for Matt to live is probably the most loving action is felt since season 1 or his entire life. So, I think Matt's gonna wake up everyday and try to prove why he's still alive. And why he deserves to live and I feel definitely be indebted to Elena. Well, you guys just started filming on this season recently. Season 4 started Tuesday. Tuesday, yeah. I was actually fortunate enough to be the first scene of season four with Candice Accola at 7:30 a.m. in the morning. Can you tease us what it's about? I can tell you that it's a emotionally built scene, picking up off the end of season 3 and kind of what the group, the young like ensemble high school group was going through. It's like the A group of friends like with the loss of Tyler and all that. So I can just say there's a little bit of comfort. Okay. I look forward to it. Well what, coming back you know seeing everybody again, going back to filming, what were you most looking forward to returning to set? Well, I would have to say that I'm fortunate to be on, you know, I would say I'm being braggadocious right now but I think that I'm a part of one of the most eclectic, diverse, talented ensemble cast to be on television in the last decade. I was gonna get a good picture of him right now. You're photo bombing him right out. That 's my good friend Matt Davis. Where were we? Oh, I was asking you why you were excited to go back to set. Oh . Basically just to work with my cast. That's what I was getting at. I am fortunate enough to work with this great group of people. Unfortunately, we don't have Matt Davis anymore. We lost him. But, God, I'm just so [xx] Everyday I got to work, I literally am happy every day I'm there. It's an amazing experience. Yes, I'm in Atlanta and it's hot as heck, but it's great. It's so fun. Yes. Well, thank you very much. It was nice talking to you. Enjoying Comic-Con? its my first time, popped my cherry. feels great. cool, cool, are you a geek at heart? well, I've been freaking out all day because I want to see the tick. my friends like "we just saw the tick!" I'm establishing the tick, so. If I don't see him before I leave I'll be a little bummed, because I don't think I'm going to come back. But hopefully I see him.

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