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Videos of Glee From Episode "The Rhodes Not Taken"

Glee-Ful Highlights and Video From This Week's Episode!

This week's Glee is all about Kristin Chenoweth's guest performance. She is unbearably adorable (not to mention hilarious) as a former glee club star and Mr. Schu's high school crush. Seriously, can Glee just keep her? We also got some more relationship drama between Rachel and Finn, and one showstopping ensemble number.

As always, be sure to check out the Glee Club in the Buzz Community for even more gleeky fun. Ready for some highlights? Just


  • Let's start with the obvious: Kristin Chenoweth! The Emmy winner covered all the bases this week, providing the perfect blend of comedy and powerhouse performances as April Rhodes. She is so impressive taking on country with the whole glee club, and I also loved her side-by-side sing-off with Rachel. However, the winner of the night goes to her duet with Mr. Schu to Heart's "Alone." So good, so classic. Check it out below.
  • Though Kristin stole the show this week, the New Directions' Rachel situation was also a big theme. The glee club can't survive without her, but Rachel will settle for nothing less than stardom. Finn eventually decides to use his powers of persuasion (aka shameless flirting) to get her back. Finn's pulled some douchey (though typically high school) moves on Rachel before, but this week he reaches new heights. The look on Rachel's face when she finds out that Quinn is pregnant is too sad.
  • Glee always has some great one-liners, and Puck has one of my favorites this week: "That Rachel chick makes me want to light myself on fire, but she can sing." Well said, Puck.
  • Back to Kristin Chenoweth, who also had some of the funniest moments. I love her opening scene at her "house," but the best is when she teaches Kurt to drink. Biggest laugh-out-loud moment of the night? A tipsy Kurt tells Emma, "Oh Bambi, I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy." He then proceeds to puke all over her shoes. Priceless.
  • Finally, the finale. The episode's final performance of "Somebody to Love" gives me goosebumps and is very much reminiscent of the pilot's "Don't Stop Believin.'" Plus, it's so sweet to see Rachel finally reunited with her gleeks and I love Mercedes's solo. I've admittedly watched this video more than a few times this morning already, and I'm not surprised that the single is climbing the iTunes charts. Check out the video for yourself!
  • What did you think about this week's episode, and which performances are your favorites?

    Photos courtesy of Fox

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