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War, Inc. Trailer

Movie Preview: War, Inc.

War, Inc. is one of those head-scratchers where I'm at a loss as to whether or not this movie will be good, or even watchable. Starring John Cusack (who's also a credited writer on the film), it looks like one of those cynical, dark comedies where the goal is to make you think, "That's so absurd! The world isn't like that! Or is it?" See also: Wag the Dog.

Signs pointing to good/watchable movie include: both Cusacks on screen together (I love seeing Joan again!), smart twists on current events, and a darkly romantic sub-plot between the lovely Marisa Tomei and John Cusack.

Signs pointing to maybe not-so-watchable are: a whole lot going on — lots of characters, effects, music, bombs, journalists, etc.; and Hilary Duff playing a "Centeral Asian pop star" with an accent that is just. . .strange. Plus, she drops a scorpion down her pants.

War, Inc. opens in limited release May 23. To check out the trailer for yourself and tell me what you think,



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