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The Best Wedding Dance Viral Videos

Jun 24 2014 - 8:00am

While you may be stuck on deciding what songs to dance to at your wedding [1], other couples are deciding how they're going to make their wedding [2] go viral. Real couples have staged hilarious dance moments that have been caught on tape (you know you got sucked into JK Wedding [3] Dance a few years back), and we've rounded up all the best ones! Even if you don't want to bust out a coordinated dance at your own wedding, you'll have fun watching these ones.

The Mother-Son Dance

This one blew up the Internet this week as a groom and his mom worked through a medley of songs like "Gangnam Style," "The Twist," and "Bye Bye Bye."

The Best Man Speech That Turns Into "Work B*tch*

Because when you can't find the right words for your speech, say it with Britney.

The Dirty Dancing First Dance

Yeah, I think every little girl has had a fantasy of re-creating this dance with her significant other.

The First Dance With Kids

This couple turns their first dance into a medley of dances, too, but things really get fun when their kids join in at 2:27.

The Groom's Justin Bieber Surprise

This adorable groom whips out a dance to "Baby" with the help of his very enthusiastic groomsmen.

The Reception Irish Jig

Watch as a huge group gathers for an epic Irish jig.

The JK Wedding Entrance

You know this one; so popular it was referenced on The Office, this one never fails to charm.

The Groomsmen Boy Band

One groom and his wedding [4] party put together a seriously impressive routine [5] to Destiny's Child and the Backstreet Boys.

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