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Weekend Reading: Representing the Peacock as a Page

Kenneth on 30 Rock might lack common sense, but he must be quite extraordinary if he's nabbed a page job at NBC. The New York Times recently profiled the page program for a story that includes interviews with current pages, famous pages (Regis Philbin, Ted Koppel), and Jack McBrayer, whose 30 Rock character is probably the best-known fictional page of all time.

Among the things I learned from the story:

  • The page program is 10 times as competitive as admission to Harvard.
  • Pages get a 75-page handbook full of NBC trivia, most of which they're supposed to memorize, and they have to pass a test at the end of orientation.
  • About 70 percent of pages end up with jobs at NBC by the end of the program.
  • Ted Koppel claims that when he was a page, he dated his way through the Rockettes.
  • The real NBC pages recently got snazzy gray uniforms, which means Kenneth's look might be getting an update as well.

It's a fun story and definitely worth the read. Have you ever dreamed of being an NBC page?

Photo courtesy of NBC

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