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What's Buzzworthy: Bad '80s Movies

What's Buzzworthy: Bad '80s Movies

For our last Buzzworthy challenge, I asked you guys to bookmark the bad '80s movies that are your favorite guilty pleasures. I kicked things off with Mannequin and Teen Witch then let you guys do the rest. Your Buzzworthy picks reminded me of so many forgotten favorites that I'm all too happy to watch in their entirety if I happen to catch them on TV. Here are my favorite picks from BuzzSugar readers.

Just One of the Guys, bookmarked by Missyosigirl. I have watched this woefully bad movie — wherein a hot high-school girl masquerades as a dude — more times than I care to admit.

She's Out of Control, bookmarked by Kat0105, who says: "This really is one of the best 80s guilty pleasures there is. You have Tony Danza as the father and a young Mathew Perry as the daughters yuppie, no-good boyfriend." Not to mention the valuable lesson that all it takes to look hot is ditching your glasses and braces.

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun, bookmarked by Yiddidea. Perhaps it was her turn alongside Helen Hunt as a dance-show-obsessed teen that inspired Sarah Jessica Parker to join the cast of "Sex and the City"?

Can't Buy Me Love, bookmarked by KWM. Long before "Grey's Anatomy," Patrick Dempsey was just a geek on a riding lawn mower.

Real Genius, bookmarked by Missyosigirl, who says: "Outlandish story but who cares? Val Kilmer was hot." He also gets the best lines in what is actually a really funny movie.

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