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What's Buzzworthy: Your Favorite Movie Musicals

What's Buzzworthy: Your Favorite Movie Musicals

I used to think I wasn't all that into movie musicals, but after seeing all your excellent picks for this week's Buzzworthy challenge, I've been swayed. I'd forgotten about many of these, and I'm happy to have been reminded. Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are some of the ones I found most noteworthy.

swwonder says of her pick, "One of my favourite films ever. I always wanted to be Tallulah!"

The Wizard of Oz
audreystar has this to say about her pick: "Who can get enough of the beautiful voice of a young Judy Garland as Dorothy or her three sidekicks? The music now is embedded in my brain as with most people. And 'Over the Rainbow' is one of the best and beautiful songs ever written or sang."

Three more greats if you

West Side Story
See, here's an example of one I forgot all about. I used to love this movie. Apparently, so did WhiplashGirlchild who writes, "My mother forced me to watch this when I was a little kid. I threw a tantrum because I didn't want to watch an "old" movie. Boy, was I eating crow... this has since been one of my favorite movies ever."

The Sound of Music
Chosen by missyosigirl and swwonder. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for this one, too.

This is Linda McP's selection, and she says, "This Oscar winning adaptation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist is a classic. Great score includes 'As Long As He Needs Me,' one of my all time favorites."

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