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What Did You Think of This Week's "Grey's Anatomy"?

What Did You Think of This Week's "Grey's Anatomy"?

On this week's "Grey's Anatomy," Meredith struggles with how to react to a sudden change in her mother's condition, the other doctors deal with a patient who could infect them all, and Callie and Cristina reveal their answers to those proposals from last week. I'll post a full recap tomorrow, but for now, let's chat about Thursday's episode. What did you think?

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susanec susanec 9 years
I'm not liking the cast photo, at least half of them look photoshopped!
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 9 years
Can't wait until next week.
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 9 years
Another awesome episode! I can't wait for next week!
esk4 esk4 9 years
I also think Ellen Pompeo deserves an Emmy for her performance at the end of last night's episode
esk4 esk4 9 years
I just wanna say I loved who addy ended up with at the end. This only makes me more certain I don't want her to get her hooks into poor Alex
Stacy14878746 Stacy14878746 9 years
**spoiler** I thought the neurotoxins was a bit of a stretch- how come it didn't also kill the patient? Maybe I missed something. However, the last 30 seconds of the show, when Meredith's Mom said "you remind me of my daughter", it was like someone kicking me in the chest. HOLY SHIT! I mean you knew it was coming, but STILL. But also, My Grandmother died from Alzheimer's complications, and I remember her telling my Dad (her son)the exact same words (you remind me of my son). It was heartbreaking. So maybe it was a bit too close to home.
Lindsb Lindsb 9 years
Hahah.. I LOVED the first 5 minutes and the last. Those were my favorite parts. Haha.. and the funniest.. Callie's new full name. hahah.
yiddidea yiddidea 9 years
Yeah, there did seem to be an odd speed to everything last night. I felt like I was a few steps behind the whole time.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I was surprised to see that the clinic was up and running already; everything seemed to move quickly last night as if the writers were trying to wrap up a number of story lines before moving to the next blockbuster episodes. I'm still laughing about Alex's Callie O'Malley observation and Callie's "judgey" friends label. Though she's not my favorite character, Christina was great last night and, as always, so was Bailey.
agrepina agrepina 9 years
omg tonites episod was the episode yet!!! i loved ittt!!! i love the ending...
kscincotta kscincotta 9 years
So... apparently the only doctors at Seattle Grace are surgeons. Because I would think that if all of your other surgeons are down from a neurotoxin (that apparently can't move through open doorways, since they kept holding open the door to the room), you might grab Bailey from the free clinic and have one of the other medical doctors, like say an Ob-Gyn, cover her talk to the pre-teen girl. And no one else was suiting up in the air tight suits to follow after Burke and Shepard? SERIOUSLY? And also, are they serious that we're to believe that Merideth's mother's AD came on so quickly that she went from fully functional to completely demented in under two months? I study AD and cognitive impairment, and last time I checked, it takes a while to develop to a completely incapacitated stage from cognitively intact. I love the characters (esp Burke and Cristina's moment of joy at the end!), and the plot lines are generally more intriguing than not, but the was they use the hospital setting and the time line they've set up and some of the other plot devices are so impractical and unrealistic that it's distracting to me.
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