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All About Red Band Society, the New Show That May Break Your Heart

Sep 17 2014 - 5:30am

Inspired by a true story [1], Red Band Society is one of the most original series of the new Fall slate — it's also probably the most likely to make you cry. The drama, which premieres this week, takes place in the pediatric wing of a teaching hospital, and there's a colorful cast of kids to love. Octavia Spencer adds star power as a tough nurse caring for her brood, and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) adds a little dose of eye candy. I caught the pilot already, so before you decide which new Fall shows [2] you're going to watch, here's the scoop on the potentially heart-crushing (yet really fun) Red Band Society. Read on to find out if you'll like it!

This is the cast of Red Band Society.

Check out all those happy-looking kids! Hey, is that Wilson Cruz from My So-Called Life back there? Sure is — he plays a nurse. And is that Astro from The X Factor? Yep, he's a patient named Dash. There are a lot of big personalities on this show, including a Glee-style bitchy blond cheerleader (Zoe Levin).

The show revolves around a group of fun-loving kids.

Nolan Sotillo and Ciara Bravo play Jordi and Emma. They're kind of being set up for a love triangle with Emma's other interest, Leo (Charlie Rowe). It's supercute, except that they're just two of the patients in the pediatric wing of the hospital. As much as you want to focus on their adorable budding romance, it's hard not to be terrified that Emma will succumb to her eating disorder and Jordi's cancer will spread.

In fact, Jordi is really, really sick.

The series kicks off with Jordi showing up at the hospital and asking for medical attention. He has a really serious type of cancer, one that could soon claim his life if not treated. Naturally, a caring doctor (Dave Annable) takes him under his wing. Though we've just met this character, Jordi's desperation really tugs on your heartstrings.

And then there's Charlie. He's in a coma.

Charlie (Griffin Gluck) is the narrator of the show, and he's in a coma. I repeat: the narrator of the show is a young child in a coma. The tactic is effective given that Charlie can hear everything that's going on around him and provide commentary, but it's still a pretty big downer.

Dash, Jordi, and Leo are kind of a gang.

I don't know if the word "gang" really qualifies, but it looks like Jordi is the newest member of Dash and Leo's friend crew. The boys are witty and cool, but your heart will ache when Leo talks about how he lost his leg.

Dave Annable plays a hot doctor named Dr. McAndrew.

This will not make you sad. It'll actually make you really grateful that there's a McDreamy-status doctor around to alleviate your potential sadness. (Also, is that "Mc" coincidental or a total nod to the hot Grey's Anatomy doc?)

It's emotional, but there's a payoff.

The reality is that these are really sick kids and teenagers. The process of seeing them go through treatment while living in a hospital is bound to be rough, but the coming-of-age aspect of the show is extremely endearing. I'm already liking how they're setting up friendships and relationships, and the pilot is original and fun enough for me to stick around for the next few episodes to see how things progress. Will you be tuning in this Fall?

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