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What Should Happen in the Hangover Sequel?

Director Todd Phillips was reluctant to talk sequels a few weeks ago — before The Hangover took American box offices by storm — but now he's all about a Hangover 2. The sequel may begin shooting as early as Spring 2010 and will definitely feature the same foursome that currently has audiences rolling in the aisles. Phillips noted, "I wouldn’t do it unless all four guys were back. I love The Hangover so much and I think we could crush it with the sequel. I’ve never had more fun making a movie, ever. Not that Old School wasn’t fun, but these guys were so hungry and ready to kick ass everyday. We just all gelled so well on this film."

There aren't many movies for which I'd truly like to see a sequel, but The Hangover is definitely one of the few. I love the dynamics between these guys, I love the writing, I like Phillips' direction and, of course, I love Zach Galifianakis. They cover a lot of crazy ground in that movie, so I'll be curious to see what else they come up with for a sequel. What do you think should happen in a Hangover sequel? Should we see more of Justin Bartha's character? Or is the Stu-Phil-Alan trio too funny on its own?

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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