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What Should Have Been the Title for Made of Honor?

Just today, Cinematical pondered a question I've been asking myself a lot lately: What could the title Made of Honor possibly mean?

As a pun on the term "maid of honor" (which is what Michelle Monaghan's character asks Patrick Dempsey's character to be in the movie), it doesn't actually work. As Cinematical points out, "a pun usually involves conflating two words or expressions that make sense in the same context and happen to sound alike. In this case, I only count one." Having seen the movie, the writer is more confounded because the use of "made" is never explained (i.e., it's not the character's last name or anything), and Dempsey's character is never really made out to be "honorable" at all.

So, I asked around. Anyone know why it's titled Made of Honor? Anyone? Beuller? No. A friend of mine joked that they named it Made of Honor because My Best Friend's Wedding was already taken. Ha! (It's funny because the premise of both movies appears to be exactly the same with just a gender reversal.) So tell me: what else could they have titled Made of Honor? I thought of a few to get the brainstorming started, so to see what I thought of and to add your own ideas,


  • Do, Dump, or Marry: My Best Friend, The Bride
  • Now That My Best Friend Is Getting Married, I Want Her
  • Don't Eat the Potpourri!
  • Dude, It's Not Like You'll Have to Wear A Dress

Your turn. Tell me in the comments section below.


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