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What's Wrong with Izzie on Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Rumor Roundup! Killers, Ghosts, and More

Well, it's certainly been a crazy couple of days for Grey's Anatomy gossip. Just today, there's news about what might be behind the Izzie/Denny story, plus news about a wild new plot coming up later this season. And a couple of days ago, rumors and "blind items" started flying about a character possibly leaving the Grey's universe. Looking back, doesn't my most ridiculous Grey's Anatomy moment poll from '07 seem awfully tame? If only we'd known what was coming up. Anyway, to start talking about the news and rumors (it should be obvious, but there be spoilers ahead!),


Story 1: What's ailing Izzie?
Over at Entertainment Weekly, Michael Ausiello has gotten multiple sources telling him what's making Izzie see Denny: not a brain tumor, but something else illness and brain related. "And although the specific name of the ailment is being kept in the safe underneath [Shonda] Rhimes's desk, I'm told it's similar to an aneurysm," he writes. "And every time it flares up, she sees Denny. And sometimes when it really flares up, she shags him." But it's not meant to be fatal, according to his sources — just meaty and maybe Emmy worthy.

Story 2: Is someone leaving?
Many of you have noted the odd absence of George O'Malley for much of this season — it's kind of hard not to notice — and so it caught my eye when E!'s Watch With Kristin posted this blind item earlier this week saying a certain character (she wouldn't say if it was male or female) hadn't been on screen much because "[he or she] has been a pain in the ass lately, trying to change scenes and dialogue, being hard to work with and putting up an attitude." Coupled with this near-simultaneous Ausiello blind item, it seemed TR Knight could be the answer. However, Kristin later noted that most commenters were guessing wrong, and most are guessing George. So, who else fits that description? Less screen time, potential for being obnoxious behind the scenes . . . ?

Story 3: A serial killer at Seattle Grace?
Back to EW for a second: Eric Stoz hltas been cast as a serial killer who needs medical attention, and he's on board for three episodes starting next year. Now, it's possible that he's just your average Grey's patient . . . but the way things are going, I wouldn't be shocked to see him take out a few Seattle Grace doctors while he's around.

For those of you who think this all sounds ridiculous, you might get a kick out of this challenge to "out-awful" the Grey's writers. And now, seriously: How do you feel about the Izzie story knowing some sort of medical problem is driving it? Who do you think is in the doghouse? And is it wrong that I'm more excited to watch the show now than I've been in years?

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