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Which Actors Should be Cast in the New 90210 Spinoff?

Who Should Play the New Inhabitants of 90210?

Since we now have an outline of the main characters for the rumored 90210 spinoff, my brain can't stop thinking about who might be cast in these roles. While these new characters have updated traits and hobbies (emo! YouTube!) they are, as some have pointed out, more or less the new versions of the original cast. While we all have our old favorites, I think it's really fun imagining the young stars who could play these updated versions of the original Kelly, Brenda, Donna, etc. Also, some of the original 90210 actors were, like, 30 years old when they played teenagers so I'm going to expand my own fictional casting reach as such.

For example, I could totally see Kristen Stewart (In the Land of Women, Into the Wild) as Annie, the emo girl looking to get popular, and Victor Razuk (Lords of Dogtown, upcoming Stop-Loss) as her adopted bad-boy brother, Dixon. I loved Kevin Zegers in The Jane Austen Book Club and could see him as the jock. Also, this Nickelodeon actress screams Daphne Silver to me. What do you think? Any hot young stars come to mind to fill these slots?

For a reminder of all the new characters and their descriptions, and to tell me who you're thinking could play them,


  • Annie — 16, is an emo kid and drama nerd who's trying to make it with the cool crowd.
  • Dixon — Also 16, Annie's adopted brother, smart but bad.
  • Tabitha Mills — A washed-up, 60-ish actress and alcoholic. Annie and Dixon’s grandma.
  • Harry Mills — Tabitha's do-gooder son, who graduated from Beverly Hills High in the 1980s and has decided to move home to be near his mom.
  • Celia Mills — Wife of Harry, an ex-Olympic athlete who becomes a personal trainer.
  • Daphne Silver — High schooler who hosts her own YouTube series and wants to be a socialite. Related to David Silver?
  • Max Silver — 24 year-old brother of Daphne. Manages the Century City Mall's movie theater. He is probably hiding some dark secrets.
  • Navid Shirazi — Teen of Middle Eastern descent who runs the school's TV newscast and is a high school politician.
  • Ethan Ward — The token jock who gets dropped by the popular kids and ends up hanging out with the rest of the cast.
  • Naomi Bennett — Hot, rich, and dating Ethan. Starts out as brat but gets more dimensions as the show goes on.
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