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Counting Corpses: A Pretty Little Liars Death Toll

Sep 2 2016 - 11:05pm

Season seven of Pretty Little Liars [1] is already getting to the meat of some of the show's biggest mysteries. Now that the Summer season has ended, we can officially worry about all those twists and cliffhangers [2], and the insane death of Noel Kahn. As we continue to question the identity of "A.D." [3] and all the familiar faces returning to Rosewood [4], we can't help but reflect back on the other deaths we've seen over the course of the show. Look back at all the lives lost since Pretty Little Liars began.

Noel Kahn

In what might be the show's most gruesome death yet, Noel Kahn dies in season seven's Summer finale [5] when he accidentally falls on his own axe and gets beheaded. Yikes.

Sara Harvey

Looks like it doesn't really pay to get involved with Jenna. After making an allegiance with one of Rosewood's shadiest characters, Sara Harvey winds up dead in the Radley Hotel. But who killed her?!

Archer Dunhill aka Dr. Elliott Rollins

In what has been referred to as their biggest mistake yet [6], the girls accidentally kill Dr. Elliott Rollins as they attempt to rescue Alison. Hanna's driving the car when they collide with Rollins, killing him instantly. Of course, instead of coming clean, they agree to bury the body, hide the evidence, and lie.

Charlotte DiLaurentis aka CeCe Drake

A lot happens in the wake of the show's highly-anticipated time jump. Charlotte DiLaurentis is finally released from captivity, but she can't enjoy her freedom for more than a day before she's thrown to her death from the clock tower. The worst part is, we still don't know who her killer is [7].

Shana Fring

Aria becomes the second of the girls to actually kill someone when Shana reveals herself as another member of the "A" team. Aria sneaks up on her and knocks her to her death.

Alison DiLaurentis (Bethany Young)

It isn't until halfway through season four that we find out, beyond all doubt, that Ali is alive [8]. It turns out Bethany Young was the girl who was murdered that night, because she was dressed just like Ali. Melissa Hastings thought Spencer had accidentally killed Ali and buried Bethany alive.

Jessica DiLaurentis

We see Mrs. DiLaurentis getting buried in the fourth season finale. We're not sure if she's dead or alive here, or even who kills her, but we do know that she's gone.

Garrett Reynolds

Garrett is killed off during season three's Halloween [9] episode. What's worse, though, is that Aria gets trapped in a box with his corpse.

Detective Darren Wilden

We finally find out in the fifth season premiere that it's CeCe who killed Wilden. The real twist, though, is that she did it to protect Ali.

Maya St. Germain

The horrifying, heartbreaking season two finale concludes with the death of Maya, leaving Emily (and us) devastated. We later find out her cousin Nate — or rather, the guy posing as her cousin Nate — is the one who does the deed.

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas dies twice, in a way. In the first season finale, Alison pushes him from the top of the church bell tower, where he gets tangled in and hung by a rope. His body disappears, however, and later appears in a barn with a massive head wound and an alleged suicide note. Creepy stuff.

Lyndon James aka Nate St. Germain

Halfway through season three, Maya's "cousin" reveals himself to be Lyndon James, who is actually Maya's crazy stalker. Emily stabs him to death in an insane scuffle up in a lighthouse.

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