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Who Should Play the Lead in the Female Scarface?

Variety is reporting today that a director has been named for Queen of the South, a female-led adaptation of Scarface set in Spain. Though casting has not yet begun, three actresses are reportedly circling the juicy role: Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.

According to the article, the "story revolves around a Mexican woman who escapes to Spain after her drug mule boyfriend is killed, then becomes a drug kingpin and seeks revenge for her boyfriend's murderers."

To me, this sounds awesome. I'm sick of gangster movies relegating women to the roles of backstabbing girlfriends or dim-witted victims. As for the leading lady for Queen, which of these actresses can you see playing the part Al Pacino made so memorable? Who can wield a crazy gun screaming one of my favorite movie lines ever ("Say hullo to my little friend!")?


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