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Why I'll Miss Mark Brendanawicz

Why I'll Miss Mark Brendanawicz

The following post comes from BuzzSugar Community member ShannoninSF, who submitted it to Pawnee Citizens: The Parks and Recreation Fan Group.

Bad news for Parks and Recreation fans: Paul Schneider, AKA Mark Brendanawicz, is leaving the show at the end of this season. Mark may not be beloved by every P&R fan, but it's mainly just because his character is not as outrageously hilarious as the rest of the cast is. Either way, I'm a huge Schneider fan and am mourning this loss. To that extent, I give you: my five reasons for why I'll miss Mark.

  • He's the welcome straight man in a sea of craziness. Who's going to keep Tom, Ron, and Leslie in check now?

  • He's keeping Ann and Andy apart. I want Andy for April!
  • Paul Schneider is adorable. Now I will have to funnel all my crush energy into Andy and Tom.
  • We'll lose his evolution into a committed guy. How cute was he on Valentine's Day with all the gifts?
  • I don't want any of the current chemistry of the cast to change, no matter how weak the character.

Are you going to miss Mark/Paul Schneider on Parks and Rec?

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