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Don Who? 24 Reasons Roger Sterling Is the Best Mad Man

May 7 2015 - 5:30am

Don gets all the glory, but Roger Sterling (John Slattery) is by far the most entertaining man on Mad Men [1]. Sure, he's been through some rough times, but it's nothing compared to Don's constant existential crises. Even his big problems (like having a love child with his former secretary) kind of get smoothed over with a wink and a compliment; he's absolutely impossible not to love. He's most recently been seen forcing Peggy to have a good time in the old Sterling Cooper & Partners offices, reminding us how awesome he is. Here's everything I — and you should — love about Roger.

He's Very Cultured

He's Philosophical

He Makes Hilarious Puns

He's Good With Kids

He's a Talented Juggler

He Loves a Good Time

He's Unapologetic

But Hey, He Knows What He Wants in a Woman

He Can Easily Read the Temperature of a Room

He's Also a Champion Slow Clapper

He's Sensitive to Other People's Needs

He's a Bit of a Hopeless Romantic

He Thinks About the Well-Being of His Fellows

He Can Easily Switch Gears

He's a Very Enthusiastic Dancer

He Knows How to End a Show

Just Look How Reassuring He Can Be

He's a Playful Guy

He'll Take a Hit For the Team

Seriously, He's a Real Team Player

So Many Hits

Bonus: This Butt

He Can't Resist a Look

He's a Good Time, Even in Hard Times

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