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Would You Buy a Reality Show on DVD?

While I was checking out this week's new DVD releases, another little news item caught my eye: TLC will be selling a DVD set of Jon and Kate Plus 8, its reality show about the parents of eight young children. Now, admittedly, I've been caught up in my share of Jon and Kate episodes — but I can't say I've ever had the hankering to rewatch one once I know what happens. Will people really want to rehash their favorite Gosselin family moments?

I've wondered similar things about other reality shows that are released on DVD, especially competitions like The Amazing Race or Project Runway. Sure, there are bonus features, and they can be great for people who didn't watch the show on TV. But if you're already a fan, you . . . know who won, right? So why watch again?

Would you ever fork over your money for a reality show on DVD?


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