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Writers' Strike Enters Week Two

Writers' Strike Enters Week Two

The Hollywood writers' strike entered its second week today, and so far, no new talks have been scheduled between the writers and producers. The industry buzz suggests we should get used to it: The strike could be even longer than the five-month strike in 1988. The walkout is hitting non-writing crew members, and the outcomes are starting to look bleak all around (except over at Fox, where executives believe the strike could be good for the network). Here are some of the headlines from the strike's second week:

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Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I am SO with you stephsharer, I WILL die if Lost doesn't come back. I just hope this all gets resolved soon.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
Such a bummer. :[
stephsharer stephsharer 9 years
if LOST doesn't come back in february i will die.
catschi catschi 9 years
i'm from europe and i'm totally depending on us-tv-shows. syncronised? no-way, it hurts too much... so please give them their 2.5 %!!! it won't hurt, hollywood...
genvessel genvessel 9 years
i echo LoneWolf's endorsement of the op-ed. Well argued and excellently articulated.
genvessel genvessel 9 years buzz, have you heard about this site? i just stumbled onto it... thoughts? anyway - i need the studios to get on the ball. the idea that next semester may be lived through my netflix cue is a little upsetting. it's like eternal summer and not in a good way.
liz26111 liz26111 9 years
It seems as if the one that need a union are the non-writing staff that get laid off.
mamaseacat mamaseacat 9 years
This sucks. The writers deserve their 2.5%.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 9 years
I recommend reading Lindelof's op ed piece if you haven't.
Daisie Daisie 9 years
None of these people would have a job if the writers did not create. It is only fair that they get paid a small fraction of what their creations make off "new media". The greedy, cruel ones here are the production companies. Give a little....get a little. When we have no new shows until 2009, blame the production companies. When any union strikes, there are always non-union workers who get screwed. Janitors, food workers, secretaries, all the salespeople who make money off those union workers and their expenses, etc.
dragonbaby dragonbaby 9 years
I do believe the writers are due their residuals. That said it bothers me greatly that so many other folks who will see absolutely no increase in their bottom line impacted by the greed of two groups who can't work it out between themselves. We aren't talking horrible working conditions here...
girlnone girlnone 9 years
I agree with the writers that they should make residuals from internet TV (because that's the way everything will go eventually; I already use my computer as my main television). On the other hand, when I saw that Pushing Daisies only has four episodes left... Yeah, there was a moment of panic. I wish there was some way to convince the production companies to resolve this quickly. I want my TV. Oh, and I don't want hundreds of industry workers to be laid off and unable to get a job for months, too.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Thanks for the updates and the great links, Buzz.
i-am-elle i-am-elle 9 years
I feel terrible for the non-writing workers who have been laid-off.
Sarahab145 Sarahab145 9 years
oh yeah and i agree with whatsername, what a bunch of babies. Pshh and over 5 months? this is going to be a season of re-runs!
Sarahab145 Sarahab145 9 years
Scrubs! i swear i died a little when i heard that! Scrubs!?? oh no! and the last season too!
LoneWolf LoneWolf 9 years
That's the thing that bothers me most about this with the networks. OK, people like Longoria and Hatcher make thousands and thousands of dollars and episode and can be off work for months at a time. But shows aren't only made up of the big stars: there are stylist, gaffers, grips and hundreds upon hundreds of other people who don't make that kind of money and they can't just sit on their asses for 5-months without working. But I guess when you're a multi-millionaire sitting in your big corner office, a grip is the last thing you're thinking about.
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