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Young Adult Video Movie Review

Watch, Pass, or Rent Video Movie Review: Young Adult

Charlize Theron hits the screen as a grownup mean girl with an acid tongue in this week's Young Adult, but is her performance worth going to the theater for? Watch to find out whether you should watch, pass, or rent this dark comedy.

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Hi, I'm Shannon Vestle[sp?], and in Watch, Pass, or Rent we're looking at Young Adult. Charlize Theron plays an arrogant writer who visits her sleepy home town to try to win back her high school boyfriend, even though he's married with a new baby. That new baby of his is just darling. Have you seen it? Up close? This movie marks a reunion for screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman, who worked together on Juno, which I loved. But Juno was light and sweet which this movie is not at all. It's a much darker comedy, but I still really enjoyed it. I'm going to a rock concert with an old flame. Let's show him what he's been missing. No, he's seen me recently. He knows. But his wife hasn't seen me in a while, so. Charlize is amazing in this role. She plays a character that has a drinking problem, she's really mean, she's totally delusional about her past, and who she is now. Is that a dog in your bag? No. The only time Charlize's character ever seemslike she might have any sort of redeeming qualities, is after she becomes friends with Patton Oswalt's character. Sorry, but I think we went to high school together. At the same time? He just really impressed his ability to balance the comedy and the drama of the movie. And even though Patrick Wilson is the eye candy, Patton's chemistry with Charlize is so good that their scenes are the best ones of the movie. Yeah, your locker was right there. Right next to mine. This movie's really funny but a lot of the humor comes from some uncomfortable situations so be prepared to cringe as much as you'll laugh, but the story is really fresh and if nothing else, it's worth it to see Charlize Theron's performance so I gave it a watch.

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