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It portrays single women as being self-assured and confident and emphasizes the importance of female friendships.

Sex and the City changed the way we as a society think of single women. Before SATC, the single girl trope wasn't always a desirable one. But Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte prove that single women can lead interesting, full lives despite not having a significant other. They are modern women in a big city with careers, apartments, and disposable income and can support themselves without men. And when one or more of the ladies does find themselves in a relationship, it is never more important than the bond between the four of them. Seeing this gives us permission to prioritize female friendships over finding love and tells us that it's OK to value platonic unions just as much as romantic ones. Not everything on the show totally holds up today (and we may cackle at the some of the outfits and flip phones), but the core messages of Sex and the City — the empowerment of women and the strength of female friendships — will always be relevant.

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