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Lucas Gottesman

Why it's possible:

  • Lucas is back in Rosewood, so he could easily be in on any and all dirty business.
  • Lucas has always been a little on the weird and creepy side, plus he's admittedly interested in photography.
  • He's shown before that he's obsessed with Hanna. Would he try to get the other girls out of the way to get close to her?
  • He's been on the "A" team before! Mona blackmailed him into joining.

Why it's not:

  • Lucas was attacked by "A" in season two, just outside Spencer's lake house.
  • He leaves Rosewood High because he's afraid for his safety. He's been homeschooled ever since.
  • He may be a little weird, but he doesn't seem like he has what it takes to pull off something like this.

Source: ABC Family

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