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In the 1999 adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides, Coppola tells of the events surrounding the deaths of the five Lisbon sisters in 1970s Detroit. After the youngest sister, Cecelia, attempts suicide, their parents keep close tabs on the girls, leading to their isolation, depression, and ultimately, suicides.

The original Little Mermaid comes with a huge penalty; if the prince doesn't fall in love with her as a human, she doesn't just turn back into a mermaid, she dies. The caveat is, she can keep herself alive if she kills the prince (crazy, right?). In the fairy tale — spoiler alert — the mermaid can't bring herself to kill her true love and instead throws herself into the sea, and her body dissolves into foam. Needless to say, we can definitely expect some sort of dream-like death scene from Coppola.

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