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An Existential Crisis

Sofia Coppola has a weird way of making melancholia look captivating. In 2010's Somewhere, Coppola tells the story of actor Johnny Marco (played by Stephen Dorff) who, despite his success, is growing listless with his life, and his 11-year old daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning) who comes to stay with him. Throughout the film, Marco deals with feelings of self-doubt and ennui, and eventually comes to reassess his life as a celebrity and father.

The Little Mermaid — who is longing for the prince and an eternal soul — goes to a sea witch and buys a potion that will give her legs (in exchange for her voice). The mermaid is warned that not only will she not be able to return to the sea as a human, but drinking the potion will make her feel "as if a sword is being passed through her." She will be a beautiful dancer, but every step she takes will feel like walking on shards of glass and her human feet will be covered in blood. The mermaid evaluates her life and ultimately decides to become a human, no matter the price. Coppola could have used special effects for the film (something she'd never done before), so we were looking forward to seeing how she captured the pain, suffering, and overall uncertainty of the mermaid's big decision.

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