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11 Near-Death Experiences

Almost every main character has been in a situation where he or she was on the verge of death. Don't believe us?

  1. Meredith is mere feet away when that bomb finally goes off. Remember? She gets blasted onto her back, and the guy carrying it turns to "pink dust." Ew.
  2. Meredith also pretty much lets herself drown after the ferry crash. Luckily Derek's there to save her.
  3. Cristina has an ectopic pregnancy, which means the fertilized egg didn't make it to her uterus, and began growing outside it. It would have killed her if they hadn't removed it.
  4. Izzie flatlines during a risky surgery to remove her brain tumor. At the last second, though, they bring her back.
  5. Callie gets in a horrible car accident, which was the jumping-off point for the famed musical episode.
  6. During the absolutely terrifying hospital shooting, Derek takes a bullet right in the chest.
  7. Alex also gets shot in the stomach during the crisis, and almost bleeds out.
  8. Cristina is one of the four survivors of the plane crash at the end of the eighth season.
  9. Meredith is part of the plane crash as well.
  10. Not only does Derek go down with that same plane, but he sustains a serious hand injury in the process.
  11. Arizona is probably the worst off of the crash survivors, because she ends up losing her leg.

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