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10 Attempted Weddings

While not all of these turn out as planned (and some don't happen at all), we've witnessed the planning of all of these weddings:

  1. Meredith and Derek exchange vows on a sticky note, and later make it official at city hall.
  2. Izzie and Alex get married in a wedding that was originally meant for Meredith and Derek.
  3. Cristina and Burke are supposed to get married, but Burke leaves her at the altar!
  4. Cristina and Owen get married, and Cristina insists on wearing red the second time around.
  5. April and Matthew are moments away from being officially married, but Jackson intervenes at the last second.
  6. Callie and Arizona tie the knot after Callie recovers from her car accident.
  7. April and Jackson elope after April runs out on Matthew.
  8. George and Callie get married on a whim in Las Vegas.
  9. Teddy and Henry hastily get married, so Henry can have her insurance benefits.
  10. Miranda and Ben get married the same day Adele Webber passes away. Dr. Webber doesn't tell anyone, because he doesn't want to ruin the day.

Image Source: ABC